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Apache Axis2 Web Services, 2nd Edition

Deepal Jayasinghe, Afkham Azeez

Create secure, reliable, and easy-to-use web services using Apache Axis2.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849511568
Paperback308 pages

About This Book

  • Extensive and detailed coverage of the enterprise ready Apache Axis2 Web Services / SOAP / WSDL engine.
  • Attain a more flexible and extensible framework with the world class Axis2 architecture.
  • Learn all about AXIOM - the complete XML processing framework, which you also can use outside Axis2.
  • Covers advanced topics like security, messaging, REST and asynchronous web services.
  • Written by Deepal Jayasinghe, a key architect and developer of the Apache Axis2 Web Service project; and Afkham Azeez, an elected ASF and PMC member.

Who This Book Is For

This book is for Java developers who are interested in building web services using Apache Axis2. Familiarity with web standards like SOAP, WSDL and XML parsing is assumed.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Apache Web Services and Axis2
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Web service overview
Web services model
Web services lifecycle
Apache Web Service stack
Why Axis2?
Downloading and installing Apache Axis2
Chapter 2: Looking inside Axis2
Axis2 architecture
Core modules
Other modules
Extensible nature of Axis2
Chapter 3: Axis 2 XML Model (AXIOM)
Overview of AXIOM and its features
Working with AXIOM
Chapter 4: Execution Chain
Phase rules
Module engagement and dynamic execution chain
Chapter 5: Deployment Model
What is new in Axis2 deployment?
Hot deployment and hot update
Change in the way of deploying handlers (modules)
Deployment descriptors
Chapter 6: Information Model
Axis2 static data
Service description hierarchy
Axis2 contexts
Chapter 7: Writing an Axis2 Service
Creating a web service
The code first approach
Contract first approach – starting from the WSDL
Chapter 8: Writing an Axis2 Module
Brief history of the Axis2 module
Chapter 9: The Client API
Web service client
Chapter 10: Session Management
Stateless nature of Axis2
The available type of sessions in Axis2
Session initializing and session invalidating
Request session scope
SOAP session scope
Transport session scope
Application scope
Chapter 11: Developing JAX-WS Web Services
Writing a simple JAX-WS web service
JAX-WS annotations
JSR 224 (JAX-WS) annotations
JSR 222 (JAXB) annotations
JSR 250 (Common Annotations)
Code first service development with JAX-WS
Contract first development with JAX-WS
Chapter 12: Axis2 Clustering
Setting up a simple Axis2 cluster
Writing a highly available clusterable web service
Stateless Axis2 Web Services
Setting up a failover cluster
Increasing horizontal scalability
Setting up and configuring Axis2 clusters in production
Membership schemes
Cluster management
Highly available load balancing
The Axis2 clustering management API
Chapter 13: Enterprise Integration Patterns
Apache Synapse
Protocol bridging
External authentication and authorization
Dynamic routing combined with auditing
Event Driven Architecture (EDA) with Master Data Management (MDM) for Integrating Legacy Systems
Push and pull
Fault tolerant autoscaling with dynamic load balancing
Chapter 14: Axis2 Advanced Features and Usage
Representational State Transfer (REST)
Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM)
Axis2 configurator
Deploying Axis2 in various application servers
Asynchronous web services with Axis2
Chapter 15: Building a Secure Reliable Web Service
Reliable web services

What You Will Learn

  • Learn SOA Integration Patterns
  • Learn advanced topics such as security, messaging, REST, clustering, and asynchronous web services
  • Enable SOA functionality in your organization
  • Handle Handlers in Axis2 and learn to write your own
  • Learn how to develop web services using JAXWS
  • Learn everything about deployers, deployer descriptors and how to create your own custom deployers.
  • Write, deploy, and engage a module
  • Use Axis2 as a client and invoke services in a number of different ways
  • Use AXIOM it to handle SOAP, and learn AXIOM best practices
  • Different types of sessions available in Axis2 and how they work.


In Detail

Web services are gaining popularity and have become one of the major techniques for application integration. Due to the flexibility and advantages of using web services, you want to enable Web service support to your applications. This book is your gateway to learning all you need to know about the Apache Axis2 web service framework and its hands on implementation.

Apache Axis2 Web Services, 2nd Edition is your comprehensive guide to implementing this incredibly powerful framework in practice. It gives you precisely what you need to know to develop a detailed practical understanding of this popular, modular and reliable web service framework.

This book starts with a short and relevant introduction about the Axis2 1.5 framework and then plunges you straight into its architectural model.

Learn to use and develop your own modules. Write a services.xml file so efficiently that you'll be creating more complex applications (rather than just POJOs) in no time.

Learn how straightforward it really is to turn a Java class into a web service in Axis2. Experiment with different types of sessions in Axis2. Learn different patterns of Enterprise deployment. Ensure reliability in your web service - a major concern in most enterprise applications - with minimum impact on performance.

This book will journey you through all this and more, giving you exactly what you need to learn Axis2 1.5 in the easiest way possible and create secure, reliable, and easy-to-use web services efficiently and systematically.


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