AngularJS UI Development

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  • Use responsive layouts and powerful CSS3 frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation to design a mobile-friendly version of your application
  • Solve common UI problems with the AngularUI companion suite
  • Make your application dynamic with the integration of RESTful APIs in AngularJS
  • Get an overview of CSS-responsive frameworks, various UI widgets, and Angular internals to fuel your decisions for your next venture
  • Create animations, from fading elements in and out to more complex behavior

AngularJS and its rich set of components solve many of the problems developers face when writing reliable single page applications in ways that would not be possible using other frameworks. This book will help you expand your horizons by teaching you the skills needed to successfully design, customize, build, and deliver real-world applications in AngularJS. We will start off by setting up a fully automated environment to quickly scaffold, test, and deploy any application. Along the way, we'll cover how to design and build production-ready applications to demonstrate how innovative and powerful AngularJS is. By leveraging CSS3 animations, we'll convert them into intuitive and native-like applications in no time. You will also learn how to use Grunt for application-specific task management, Bower to manage dependencies with external libraries/plugins, Git for better versioning, and Karma and Protractor for automated testing to build applications the way experts do.

You will learn all this by building real-world applications including a to-do application, Github dashboard, project management application, and many more.

  • Design and customize applications with mobile users in mind using open source CSS3 frameworks
  • Use polished UI components written from scratch solely in AngularJS to build real-world applications with a comprehensive, step-by-step guide
  • Learn using a proven workflow from setting up the environment to testing in order to be productive in writing ambitious applications


Page Count 258
Course Length 7 hours 44 minutes
ISBN 9781783288472
Date Of Publication 23 Oct 2014


Amit Gharat

Amit Gharat is a full-stack engineer and open source contributor. He has built and made some of his personal projects open source, such as Directives, SPAs, and Chrome extensions written in AngularJS. He has an excessive urge to share his programming experiences in an easy-to-understand language through his personal blog in order to inspire and help others. When not programming, he enjoys reading, watching videos on YouTube, and watching comedy shows with his family. He has also written an article for Appliness and Sdjournal Magazine, Poland.

Matthias Nehlsen

Matthias Nehlsen is a freelance software engineer and passionate open source contributor with around 15 years of experience in Information Technology. His current focus is on web applications, and he frequently works with AngularJS. He also founded the Hamburg AngularJS Meetup. You can find his open source projects on and his blog at You can also follow him on Twitter at @matthiasnehlsen.