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  • Install and configure all required tools and dependencies to begin testing your AngularJS application
  • Understand the anatomy of a unit test and integrate core fundamentals to begin testing AngularJS
  • Discover navigation and routing using both the AngularJS router and the ui-router library
  • Explore how to test controllers
  • Analyze test directives and user-based interaction
  • Explain the uses of spies and test events
  • Test services using mocks and spies
  • Animate test cases, both synchronously and asynchronously

AngularJS stepped up to offer a comprehensive solution to frontend development with minimal dependencies and a clear set of objectives.

This book follows the AngularJS philosophy and offers guidance on how to approach testing components that make up the AngularJS framework. At the start of the book, you will explore how to configure your system to run unit and end-to-end tests. Following this, you'll become familiar with fundamental principles on testing AngularJS with Jasmine. Then, you'll understand how spies can enable you to test your code with greater coverage and simplicity throughout your application. The final result is an AngularJS application that is tested with integrity, helping facilitate a cleaner and more reliable codebase.

  • Learn how to build a solid and more reliable AngularJS codebase through test-driven development using clearly defined recipes
  • Understand how to set up and configure your development environment for unit and end-to-end testing of AngularJS applications
  • Over 50 hands-on recipes to help you build a solid foundation in AngularJS
Page Count 180
Course Length 5 hours 24 minutes
ISBN 9781783983742
Date Of Publication 29 Mar 2015


Simon Bailey

Simon Bailey is a frontend developer based in the UK, specializing in JavaScript development and application architecture. He founded Newtriks Ltd. and has been remotely contracting for the last 10 years for global corporations and venture-backed start-ups. He regularly consults Angular, Backbone, and React, and trains programmers in test-driven development. He is an enthusiastic open source contributor and maintains a blog at and is the cofounder and lead developer of the live webcasting platform Sayansho Ltd. He is a husband, father, and lover of the golden age of hip hop.