Angular 7 New Features [Video]

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  • Build an angular 7 app from scratch
  • Use Angular Material to add styles to your app 
  • Upgrade an angular 6 app tp angular 7
  • Create a new Angular 7 project with the angular-cli
  • Install the new angular-cli globally on your machine
  • Update an existing Angular 6 project to version 7

Angular is one of the most-used JavaScript frameworks in the World. It provides a complete solution for building single-page applications. There is a large community that contributes to improving the framework. It is really important to get the most out of each Angular version as every version comes with updates and improvements. Angular 7 offers improved application performance.
This course is quick, to the point, and informative. It covers each new feature that the framework has to offer to developers. You will also get to know what makes it different from Angular 6 and earlier versions of the framework. Then, you will learn to install the new Angular-CLI on your machine. Also, you will get the hang of other cool features such as virtual scrolling and drag and drop.

All codes and supporting files are placed on GitHub at this link:

Style and Approach

The course is a combination of both the practical and theoretical concepts of what is new in Angular 7. It won't just show the new features but will also help developers understand them through examples, so they can make the best use of it in their day-to-day development. You will create a new project from scratch in Angular 7 to see the new features in action and also you will be upgrading an Angular 6 project to the new version.

  • Create a new Angular 7 project from scratch
  • Upgrade your Angular 6 application to Angular 7
  • Learn to work with Angular CLI 7 and Angular Material 7
Course Length 2 hours 6 minutes
ISBN 9781789619683
Date Of Publication 30 Nov 2018


Christian Hur

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