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  • Set up the development environment to get started with Angular 2 and Typescript
  • Grasp how to debug TypeScript in a browser
  • See how TypeScript solves “this” problem in JavaScript
  • Create web API web services in ASP.NET Core with Entity Framework 7 and SQL Server
  • Author the key building blocks of an Angular 2 application, injectable services, components, pipes, and directives
  • Find out how to validate user input using Angular 2 forms
  • Use the built-in Angular features to build list-based screens and study how to conditionally display data
  • Create a menu-based navigation system to guide the user through the application
  • Understand the basics of the Reactive Extensions framework to compose complex applications, flowing data, and events between components

Angular 2 is a web development framework focused on writing component-based applications. TypeScript allows us to develop applications in a higher language than JavaScript, avoiding common mistakes and leveraging the future features of JavaScript. The two make a great combination, helping us write maintainable, clean web applications’ code using the tools of our choice.

This course will get your well on your way to learning Angular 2 and TypeScript together. You will study and practice how to create Angular 2 components in TypeScript. When we are done, you will be able to set up the environment and create a full-fledged application that can consume and publish server data and allow users to interact with it.

We start out by setting up an environment to develop a TypeScript-based Angular application. You will study the object-oriented features of TypeScript and then jump straight into the key concepts of Angular 2. We will create a new project setup in Visual Studio 2015 using the ASP.NET vNext web project. Next,we’ll cover the creation of database and web API controllers that handle data operations using Entity Framework and SQL Server. Finally, we will create components, communicate with web services, and learn how to guide users through our application with menus and forms.

This course will take your web development skills to a new level, enabling you to author Angular 2 applications from scratch.

Style and Approach

This is a fast-paced, example-based video course packed with information from the basics of TypeScript and Angular 2 to writing code on the go. We start with TypeScript core concepts, move on to Angular building blocks, and finish up with a running application that can serve as a blueprint for further studying or production development. Although briskly paced, it covers all the key concepts of the technologies involved.

  • Appreciate the superiority of TypeScript over JavaScript when writing web applications with Angular 2
  • Learn how to get started painlessly with Angular 2
  • Gain core skills by reviewing the well-structured sample code to write apps with TypeScript
Course Length 7 hours 52 minutes
ISBN 9781785885563
Date Of Publication 14 Dec 2016


Sergey Barskiy

Sergey Barskiy has a Bachelors’ Degree in Computer Science with over 20 years of experience in Software Development. Sergey has architected and coded many software projects using Microsoft technologies for over 15 years. Presently he is working as an Architect with Tyler Technologies, the largest provider of municipal government software in the United States. He was a Microsoft MVP in IIS/ASP.NET for years, division that works on Entity Framework at Microsoft. He has used Entity Framework on large projects starting with the first beta in 2008. He has been working on web applications for almost a decade. He is familiar with a number of web technologies, such as Angular, Web Api, and other web frameworks He feels he has a lot to share with the audience, given the fact that he wrote a book on Entity Framework and authored a video on using Angular 2 in an MVC Core application. He has been using EF and .NET on a daily basis for almost a decade.