Angular 2 Solutions - Intermediate Concepts [Video]

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  • Properly implement applications utilizing advanced topics such as dependency injection
  • Learn how to maximize the performance of Angular 2 applications
  • Understand the best ways to take an Angular 2 application from TypeScript in a code editor to a fully functioning application served on your site
  • Get to know the best practices when organizing and testing a large Angular 2 application

Angular 2 introduces an entirely new paradigm for applications, wholly embracing all the newest concepts that are built into the next generation of browsers and cutting away all the fat and bloat from Angular 1. This course plunges directly into the heart of all the most important Angular 2 concepts. Alongside the Angular 2 content, the course covers the new ES6 syntax, Typescript conventions, Web Components, and RxJS observables, among many other brand-new concepts. The second volume of this course will cover the ES6 implementation of Promises and will show you how to integrate them with Angular 2 applications. Once you’ve built a good foundation for the new concepts of Angular 2 from the previous volume, you’ll work with implementing RxJS observables and you’ll understand how to use them effectively. Finally, you’ll learn how to inject dependencies and wrap HTTP APIs with a service. These topics will help you gradually level up your knowledge and move on to the next volume of this course.

Style and Approach

This course follows a recipe-based approach—each recipe presents a unique problem to whose solution is presented in a clear, concise, and step-by-step manner. With practical hands-on guidance in each and every recipe, you'll be able to get to grips with the underlying concepts.

  • This first-rate reference guide's clear structure and intuitive index give you as a developer exactly the information you want in exactly the way you want it—it's easy to search, browse, or consult when you’re faced with a problem you need to solve.
  • This course is divided into recipes. This format has been praised by readers as being "easily-digestible" and "self-contained." These bite-size chunks save you time and energy, and keep the necessary concepts clear
  • The wide range of topics covered means the course is relevant to you no matter your capability level
  • The author provides expert guidance in clear and concise prose
Course Length 3 hours 16 minutes
ISBN 9781787120853
Date Of Publication 30 Mar 2017


Matt Frisbie

Matt Frisbie is currently a software engineer at Google. He was the author of the Packt Publishing bestseller AngularJS Web Application Development Cookbook and also has published several video series through O'Reilly. He is active in the Angular community, giving presentations at meetups and doing webcasts.