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Alfresco Share

Amita Bhandari, Pallika Majmudar, Vinita Choudhary

Get to know exactly what you can achieve in the field of collaboration for your enterprise with this non-technical book on Alfresco Share. It carefully guides you through using the platform via case studies and clear explanations.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849517102
Paperback360 pages

About This Book

  • Understand the concepts and benefits of Share
  • Leverage a single installation to manage multiple sites
  • Case Study-based approach for effective understanding

Who This Book Is For

If you are a business user or content manager looking to implement a  collaboration strategy for your enterprise, then this book is for you. This book is not a developer guide. It focuses on business needs rather than technical syntax. However, it helps in understanding the capabilities of Alfresco Share through Case Study. Although no knowledge of Alfresco is presumed, exposure to XML, templating language, YUI and the concepts of web scripts and Document Management will help you to get the most from this book.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Building a Corporate Collaboration Strategy
Alfresco Share
Collaboration capabilities of Alfresco Share
Strategizing for developing efficient collaboration
Benefiting with Alfresco Share
A Case Study to explain Alfresco Share as a collaborative framework
Chapter 2: Installation and Configuration
Which installation option is suitable for you?
Accessing the application
Software requirements
Production environment verification
Installing Alfresco using the setup wizards
Installing Alfresco on Tomcat
Installing Alfresco components
Extending Alfresco
Running Alfresco
Chapter 3: Alfresco Share Architecture
An overview of the Alfresco Repository
The Spring Surf framework
The Alfresco Share structure
Working with the Alfresco Share Surf framework
Accessing Alfresco Repository using web scripts
How data is stored in the Alfresco Repository
Share configuration architecture
Applications using the Alfresco Surf platform
Chapter 4: Administering Share and Configuring Authentication Access
The Alfresco security model
Managing system users
Managing groups
User dashboard
Configuring authentication subsystems
Administrative functions
Chapter 5: Managing and Configuring a Site
Managing sites
Site membership
Configuring a site
Chapter 6: Collaboration Features in Share
The wiki page
The Blog page
Data Lists
Site Calendar
Chapter 7: Document Library
The Document Library page
Creating folders and folder hierarchy
Uploading files and creating documents
Document details page
Document actions
Document versioning
Thumbnails and universal viewing with web previews
Tagging documents
Search for documents
Accessing the Repository
Chapter 8: Implementing Workflow
Introduction to the Alfresco workflow process
Advanced workflows
Out-of-the-box features of the workflow
Chapter 9: Configuring Share
Introduction to content model
Custom configuration
Configuration files for the default content model
Configure custom content types and aspects in Share
Configure advanced search
Configure an advanced workflow
Configure Data Lists
Enabling Google Docs
Manage the number of actions on the document library's content
Custom actions
Hiding the Repository from Share
Customizing the metadata template
Defining status indicators
Chapter 10: Packaging and Deploying Share
Setting up the development environment
Installing Eclipse
Configuring the Alfresco SDK using Eclipse
Configuring the project for development
Creating a project structure
Deployment approaches
Building an application

What You Will Learn

  • Real time understanding of capabilities of Alfresco Share through case study
  • Alfresco share architecture and its administration
  • User management and defining roles and access
  • Managing a Share Site
  • Use collaboration features like Wikis, blogs, data Lists, calendar, links, and discussions
  • Manage documents through workflow
  • Configure Share for ease of use
  • Share deployment guidelines

In Detail

Alfresco Share is a modern, browser-based platform for social content management and collaboration. Alfresco Share sets the premise for affordablecollaboration for enterprises. Based on the sturdy Surf framework, Share leverages dynamic site generation capabilities of Alfresco for better participation amongst enterprise personnel. Do you want to know more about Share?

Alfresco Share will guide you through creating and managing sites. The book focuses on business needs rather than technical syntax. The book builds a case study around a sample example, so that you will have an easier, practical understanding of Alfresco Share. There are step-by-step examples which explain how the out of the box features can be made best use of as well as the other options that are available, and how they fit into the overall picture. By the end of this book, you will know how to set up an efficient and effective collaboration system for your company and customers.

The book will guide the readers to learn Alfresco through steps starting from installation to the deployment of Alfresco Share. It helps the users understand the benefits that they can reap by implementing Alfresco share solution in their enterprise environment.

You will learn about how alfresco share application is built on top of alfresco repository using Spring Surf Framework. You will be taught how to manage users and groups and the concepts of the underlying framework behind the Alfresco security model.

The book will also teach you to create and manage a site for collaboration within the team. You will also learn to configure dashboards for easy use. The content also includes explaining how members can contribute content and share their expertise with other team members by creating entries on the site wiki, blog, forums, discussion etc. You will become familiar with managing documents through Document library and implementing workflows to automate the business process. You will be able to try out various configurations within share such as searching custom properties, enabling custom aspects , configuring new advance workflows, and managing actions on document library. You will learn about how to set up the development environment and different approaches for deployment followed in share.

Our book, Alfresco Share aims to help users get a better perspective of enterprise collaboration. It will help you set up an infrastructure for supporting multiple sites using Alfresco Share, enable a shortened development cycle, and make the best use of collaborative features.


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