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Alfresco 3 Business Solutions

Martin Bergljung

Practical implementation techniques and guidance for delivering business solutions with Alfresco
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849513340
Paperback608 pages

About This Book

  • Deep practical insights into the vast possibilities that exist with the Alfresco platform for designing business solutions.
  • Each and every type of business solution is implemented through the eyes of a fictitious financial organization - giving you the right amount of practical exposure you need.
  • Packed with numerous case studies which will enable you to learn in various real world scenarios.
  • Learn to use Alfresco's rich API arsenal with ease.
  • Extend Alfresco's functionality and integrate it with external systems.


Who This Book Is For

This book is designed for system administrators and business owners who want to learn and implement Alfresco Business Solutions in their teams or business organizations. General familiarity with Java and Alfresco is required.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Alfresco Platform
Platform overview
Repository concepts and definitions
Core platform
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
Extension modules
Third-party extension modules
User interface clients
The Alfresco installation directory structure
Getting the Alfresco source code
The Alfresco database
Chapter 2: The Alfresco APIs
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
Bootstrap APIs
Chapter 3: Setting Up a Development Environment and a Release Process
Setting up a development environment
Setting up a continuous integration solution
Setting up a release process
Chapter 4: Authentication and Synchronization Solutions
Authentication and synchronization concepts
Setting up authentication and synchronization with Remote Directory servers
Using directory servers in a Development Environment
Chapter 5: File System Access Solutions
File access concepts
Alfresco CIFS server
Alfresco CIFS server configuration
Alfresco WebDAV
Troubleshooting Alfresco CIFS
Chapter 6: Document and Records Management Solutions
Out of the box folder hierarchy
Designing document management solutions
Designing the Best Money document management solution
Implementing the Best Money document management solutions
Introduction to Records Management
Chapter 7: Content Model Definition Solutions
Meta Model XML schema
Modeling tips and tricks
Design patterns
Defining a new custom content model
Chapter 8: Document Migration Solutions
Document migration strategies
Planning document migration
Implementing document migration
Chapter 9: Business Process Design Solutions
Designing business processes with Swimlane diagrams
Designing the material production process
Chapter 10: Business Process Implementation Solutions: Part 1
Implementing the marketing production workflow
Chapter 11: Business Process Implementation Solutions: Part 2
Completing the implementation of the marketing production workflow
Extending the workflow solution
Chapter 12: Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Solutions
Introducing portlets
Implementing portlets that display Alfresco content
Chapter 13: Types of E-mail Integration Solutions
E-mail integration solutions
Implementing e-mail management solutions
Chapter 14: Mobile Phone Access Solutions
Alfresco mobile web application for iPhone
A custom mobile application solution for smartphones
Content creation with MobileX
Using the Apache chemistry API

What You Will Learn

  • High level requirements for the initial phase of your ECM implementation.
  • Hook up Alfresco to directory servers for authentication and synchronization of user and group information
  • Integrate and manage mobile and email content in Alfresco
  • Learn business process automation and workflows.
  • Design different types of Business Process Implementation Solutions
  • Integrate different applications in Alfresco with Enterprise Application Integration Solutions
  • Aggregate and extract content from many sources of information in the enterprise in a portal like Liferay
  • Set up a development environment and a Release Process when implementing extensions
  • Implement your very own custom authenticators for authentication with all kinds of different systems
  • Easily design and implement Document Management and Records Management.
  • Learn all you need to know about content models in Alfresco
  • Set up your own custom made content models


In Detail

Alfresco is the renowned and multiple award winning open source Enterprise content management system which allows you to build, design and implement your very own ECM solutions. It offers much more advanced and cutting edge features than its commercial counterparts with its modularity and scalability. If you are looking for quick and effective ways to use Alfresco to design and implement effective and world class business solutions that meet your organizational needs - Your search ends with this book.

Welcome to Alfresco 3 Business Solutions - Your practical and easy to use guide which, instead of teaching you just how to use Alfresco, teaches you how to live Alfresco. It will guide you through implementing real world solutions through real world scenarios. Each ECM problem is treated as a separate case study and has its own chapter, enabling you to uncover the practical aspects of an ECM implementation. You want more than just the theoretical details - You want practical insights to building, designing and implementing nothing less than world class business solutions with Alfresco - and Alfresco 3 Business Solutions is your solution.

This practical companion cuts short the preamble and you dive right into the world of business solutions with Alfresco.

Learn all techniques, basic and advanced, required to design and implement different solutions with Alfresco in easy and efficient ways. Learn all you need to know about Document Management, Records Management- the lot. Connect Alfresco with directory servers. Learn how to use CIFS and troubleshoot all types of problems. Migrate data when you have an existing network drive with documents and want to merge them into Alfresco. Implement Business Process Design Solutions with Swimlane diagrams. Easily extract content from Alfresco and build mashups in a portal like Liferay. Gain insights into mobile access and email integration.

This book will teach you to implement all that and more, in real world environments.


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