AJAX Using JavaScript Libraries jQuery and Axios [Video]

More Information
  • Get and post data using AJAX
  • Use jQuery AJAX functionality
  • Use Axios AJAX functionality
  • Build applications using AJAX
  • Send data and receive responses and output response content

This course contains advanced solutions that will take you from newbie to pro in performing AJAX requests from the most popular JavaScript libraries including jQuery and Axios. The course will several examples of how to connect to web APIs and retrieve data for your web applications.

jQuery provides a powerful, easy-to-use library that is famous for making AJAX easy. You’ll see how you can use this most popular JavaScript library to do more with less coding. Not only is AJAX easy with jQuery, it’s also extremely easy to update your page elements and add event listeners. Why not try jQuery and do something amazing online?

Axios provides a seamless AJAX approach that works off promises. Using the JavaScript XHR object, it’s a powerful but really lightweight option to bring AJAX into your projects. This library is popular and easy to get started with. You’ll use Axios to power your AJAX requests and combine it with plain JavaScript to update the DOM. The course provides several examples of how to implement it and use it within your code.
By the end of the course, you’ll have a fully-functional application where you can make a request for data using jQuery or Axios.

Style and Approach

The course is structured so you’ll get hands-on experience as fast as possible. We'll cover some general concepts of jQuery, AJAX, and Axios. Within the course, we’ll build a fully-functional application to make a request for data using jQuery or Axios.

  • Learn about AJAX and how to make a request for data using jQuery or Axios
  • Designed to let you practice and give you a complete understanding of how AJAX requests are made and the response that can be expected
Course Length 1 hour 17 minutes
ISBN 9781789611038
Date Of Publication 22 Aug 2018


Laurence Svekis

Laurence Svekis is an instructor. He has 18+ years' work experience in web development, providing smart digital solutions online for both small and enterprise level businesses. An experienced web application developer, he has worked on multiple enterprise-level applications, hundreds of websites and business solutions, and many unique and innovative web applications. His web application development areas of expertise include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, and MySQL—in short, anything to do with web creation and digital experience. He is passionate about everything to do with web application development and programming to online marketing with a strong focus on social media and SEO.