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  • Use complex class-based views to implement a variety of functionalities in Django
  • Understand how unit testing and integration testing differs
  • Use an ideal Django environment for your projects
  • Perform repeat complex queries by using managers with your database models
  • Automate tasks that run at a specific time or interval with the aid of Crontab
  • Manage multiple environments and developer setups in Django
  • Best practices for unit testing and securing your project
  • Understand the new features Pipenv provides
  • Learn and understand how the internals of GraphQL work
  • Learn to build a power GraphQL API

Django is one of the world's leading web development platforms and follows the model-view-template development method. This Python web framework makes your app-building experience smoother, faster, and easier. This has been (and continues to be) the key feature behind the success of many start-ups across the world.

You'll learn the skills needed to develop powerful websites quickly, with code that is clean and easy to maintain. This course will focus on how to keep your projects secure, how to integrate third-party libraries to build out quick, but powerful APIs, and how to make your projects easier to work with. We start off by learning how class-based views work so that you can fully benefit from this powerful, but often poorly understood feature. You'll then create custom middleware to help you better organize frequently used code.

Have you ever wanted to build a complete REST API? We’'ll do just that, starting out with a basic read-only API and then adding key-based authentication to allow the full range of CRUD functionality. We'll also utilize model managers and the Q method so that we can make it easier to get the data we need to use our views and clients. For the finishing touches, we'll delve into the details of caching, to improve our application performance, and then add custom management commands to help us automate routine tasks. We will also show you how to secure your web App using various Django tools. By the end of this video course, you will emerge as a fully-fledged Django expert

Style and Approach

Fine-tune your knowledge of Django with the help of these bite-size videos, which will take you through the advanced concepts of this technology coupled with a practical implementation.

  • Learn basic security features using Django
  • How to build a powerful REST front-end
  • Take a closer look at how Django runs tests
  • Excel your knowledge to built powerful websites using Django
Course Length 2 hours 49 minutes
ISBN 9781788628587
Date Of Publication 29 Mar 2018


Jeremy Spencer

Jeremy Spencer is a speaker, trainer and consultant with over 10 years experience in web technologies and helping the people who use them.

He started using Django and Python after running into early limitations with PHP. In 2017 he started blogging to teach the basics of Django and Python on Medium @jeremytiki. After the blog initially took off, his proposal was accepted for DjangoCon 2017 where a similar presentation was given at the convention that year.

Now he spends most of his time consulting for small business and helping beginners get into Python and Django. He continues to find new ways to help beginners learn to love programming as much as he does.