VMware vRealize Configuration Manager Cookbook

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  • Find out how to configure automated patching of your infrastructure for Windows as well Unix machines
  • Maintain and upgrade your vRealize Configuration Manager
  • Integrate with other VMware tools such as vCloud Director, vRealise Operations, vCenter, and vCloud Network and Security
  • Understand what vRealize Configuration Manager is and what its capacities are
  • Explore how vRealize Configuration Manager can be used for patching, compliance management, and software distribution
  • Troubleshoot vRealize Configuration Manager with ease

VMware vRealize Configuration Manager (VCM) helps you to automate IT operations, manage performance, and gain visibility across physical and virtual infrastructure. It is continuously being used by enterprises to audit the configurations of the VMware infrastructure as well as the Windows, Linux, and UNIX operating systems.

This book is filled with practical recipes through which you will learn about the latest features of vRealize Configuration Manager 5.8.X, starting with installation of various tiers of VCM followed by configuration management across physical and virtual servers.

Throughout this book, you will explore how VCM can perform tasks such as patch management, compliance assessment, and software package distribution along with Machine filters for new platforms such as RHEL 7 and Windows 10. This book will ease your troubles while upgrading from the existing VCM to the latest version by providing you with step-by-step instructions about the process of migration along with upgrade and maintenance support. This book will help you understand how to integrate vRealize Configuration with other applications along with schedule management and also guide you on how to handle security issues.

After reading this book, you will have a clear understanding of how VCM fits in the overall picture of the data center design from a patching and compliance perspective.

  • First book in the market that provides a broad configuration and compliance management solution for your enterprise.
  • Champion the skills of the latest features of VMware vRealize Configuration Manager and implement it in your organization.
  • A recipe based approach book that will enlighten you to configure VCM to collect and manage data from your virtual and physical environment.
Page Count 408
Course Length 12 hours 14 minutes
ISBN 9781786463357
Date Of Publication 7 Jul 2016


Abhijeet Shriram Janwalkar

Abhijeet Shriram Janwalkar completed BTech in electrical engineering. He has 10 years’ experience in IT, starting from desktop support, to server management, to technology lead in the cloud support team, and is now the lead consultant responsible for designing and deploying various VMware and Microsoft technologies. Meanwhile, he has performed technical trainings and was a Microsoft Certified Trainer. He is currently working for AtoS India Pvt Ltd as the Lead Consultant, mostly responsible for monitoring and checking compliance in the cloud deployment team. On the certification front, he has completed VCP-DCP, VCP-Cloud, VCP6-CMA, VCAP-DCA, and VCAP-DCD, and is waiting for the general availability of the VCAP6-DCD exam. He has been working on VCM for almost 3 years now and is responsible for the design, deployment, and maintenance of it in multiple deployments for customers. He is an MCT alumni and has a few other certifications in Microsoft technologies such as MCSE: Private Cloud and MCSA Server 2012, to name a couple. He used to train people on SCCM, SCOM, and Windows OS. He was invited by Microsoft to perform performance-based testing on Windows Server 2008 and then beta test SCCM 2012, which he passed successfully. You can find him at http://abhijeet-janwalkar.blogspot.com or https://in.linkedin.com/in/abhijeet-janwalkar-3640952.