VMware vCenter Operations Manager Essentials

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  • Install and configure VMware vCenter Operations Manager
  • Connect VMware vCenter Operations Manager to your virtual server environment, VMware Horizon View environment, EMC VNX storage analytics, and VMware Log Insight
  • Troubleshoot various performance issues
  • Plan your hardware capacity efficiently
  • Discover the differences between “one off” events and consistent stress within your VMs and storage
  • Explore the difference between normal behavior and anomalous behaviour
  • Find specific events that cause issues within your environment

vCenter Operations Manager offers a powerful solution to administrating a large virtual machine deployment, allowing you to automate processes and plan your resource capacity to maximize hardware efficiency.

This book contains step-by-step tutorials, detailed descriptions, and real-world solutions that will allow you to overcome the complexity of a powerful but often overwhelming suite of tools for the modern network administrator. Install, configure, troubleshoot, and expand your virtualization deployment with this essential handbook.

The vCenter Operations Management Suite contains so much information within one solution that it can be intimidating. It can make administrators feel overwhelmed or think that they are not using it properly. This book is a practical guide to using vCenter Operations Manager for the everyday administrator. It not only gives step-by-step instructions but also makes admins more comfortable with the user interface so they can maintain, troubleshoot, and design their infrastructure and virtual environment in the most efficient way possible.

VMware vCenter Operations Manager Essentials guides you through installing and configuring vCenter Operations Manager and shows you how to maximize its potential. vCenter Operations Manager helps you maintain and troubleshoot your VMware environment as well as your physical environment. It goes beyond using the simple alarms vCenter gives you by explaining the virtual environment and how to track, explain, and find solutions to anomalous behavior. You're taught how to deploy the power of vCops to maximize your ability to plan capacity and design your environment, enabling more efficient use of your hardware than ever before.

  • Written by VMware expert Lauren Malhoit, this book takes a look at vCenter Operations Manager from a practical point of view that every administrator can appreciate
  • Understand, troubleshoot, and design your virtual environment in a better and more efficient way than you ever have before
  • A step-by-step and learn-by-example guide to understanding the ins and outs of vCenter Operations Manager
Page Count 246
Course Length 7 hours 22 minutes
ISBN 9781782176961
Date Of Publication 19 Feb 2014


Lauren Malhoit

Lauren Malhoit has been in the IT field for over 10 years. She's currently a technical virtualization architect specializing in virtualization and storage in the datacenter. She has been writing for TechRepublic and TechRepublic Pro for a few years as well as for  VirtualizationSoftware.com. As a VMware vExpert, Cisco Champion, EMC Elect, and PernixPro member, Lauren tries to stay involved in the community. She also hosts a bi-weekly technology podcast called AdaptingIT ( http://www.adaptingit.com/). Lauren has been a delegate for Tech Field Day (http://techfieldday.com/) several times as well.