VMware Horizon View 6 Desktop Virtualization Cookbook

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  • Administer a multi-site VMware Horizon View Cloud Pod
  • Deploy streamed applications using VMware Horizon View and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
  • Use VMware VSAN to provide the storage resources required for VMware Horizon View
  • Configure and manage VMware Horizon View using the View command-line tools and PowerCLI
  • Employ VMware Horizon View Persona Management to manage user profile data
  • Utilize vRealize Operations for Horizon to monitor and troubleshoot the Horizon View infrastructure
  • Use VMware ThinApp to virtualize applications, and VMware Horizon View to deploy them
  • Implement Kiosk Mode VMware Horizon View clients

Starting with the basics, this book will provide you with the knowledge you need to successfully configure several core features of VMware Horizon View. The latest features such as View Cloud Pods, application streaming using Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services, VMware VSAN, and VMware Horizon Mirage integration are covered. Several other important topics such as administration and configuration using both the View command-line tools and PowerCLI, View Persona Management, VMware vRealize Operations Manager, VMware ThinApp, and using View clients in Kiosk Mode are also explained with practical examples for you to understand the working aspects better. RDS-hosted apps, which allows you single application access from any device, are also touched upon. You will quickly learn how to work with each of these features to deploy and configure core VMware Horizon View features.

  • Gain a detailed insight into the configuration and administration of core features of VMware Horizon View
  • Learn how to deploy the newest features of the VMware Horizon View 6.0 such as Cloud Pod Architecture, VSAN integration, and more
  • Benefit from practical examples that provide a greater level of detail than the VMware Horizon View documentation
Page Count 332
Course Length 9 hours 57 minutes
ISBN 9781782171645
Date Of Publication 31 Oct 2014
Retrieving the Horizon View license information
Enabling remote management on Windows
Establishing a remote Horizon View PowerCLI session
Viewing all the PowerCLI commands and their options
Managing desktop pools with PowerCLI
Creating an automatically provisioned linked-clone desktop pool
Creating an automatically provisioned full-clone desktop pool
Creating a manually provisioned desktop pool
Creating a manual unmanaged desktop pool
Creating a Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services (RDS) pool
Updating the Horizon View pools
Creating a network label specification
Exporting network label specifications for linked-clone pools
Exporting network label specifications for full-clone pools
Retrieving the Horizon View Composer Server information
Retrieving a list of the Horizon View desktop pools
Removing desktop pools
Entitling a desktop pool
Entitling or unentitling an individual desktop
Reviewing the desktop pool entitlement
Refreshing a linked-clone desktop or pool
Recomposing a linked-clone desktop pool
Rebalancing a linked-clone desktop pool
Updating the Horizon View global settings
Updating the Horizon View connection broker settings
Adding a vCenter Server to Horizon View
Removing a vCenter Server from Horizon View
Updating the settings of vCenter Server that is linked to Horizon View
Monitoring the remote Horizon View sessions
Resetting a Horizon View desktop
Disconnecting the Horizon View Client session
Logging Off the Horizon View Client Session
Configuring the Horizon View license
Retrieving the global Horizon View configuration data
Retrieving the Horizon View connection broker information
Retrieving a list of virtual machines managed by Horizon View
Retrieving a list of physical machines
Retrieving the AD user or group Information
Retrieving information about persistent data disks
Retrieving the Horizon View event reports and their descriptions
Retrieving the Horizon View event reports
Retrieving the Horizon View infrastructure's health monitors and their status
Retrieving a list of the vCenter Servers linked to the Horizon View environment
Retrieving a list of the Windows RDS Servers registered with Horizon View
Retrieving the Horizon View license information


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