Troubleshooting Linux Administration [Video]

More Information
  • Troubleshoot wireless networks with additional tools via the command-line
  • Resolve system connectivity issues
  • Schedule tasks before troubleshooting
  • Maintain your server with proper user management techniques
  • Automate tasks to keep your server alive and healthy
  • Maintain your server's wireless access points by troubleshooting your hardware profiles
  • Monitor and troubleshoot processes and activities on your server
  • Connect multiple computers in a secured manner for direct server-to-computer communication
  • Explore proper password ethics
  • Monitor and update your firewall status

Troubleshooting is an important skill used in many Information Technology (IT) roles including help desks, system administration, networking, and security. This course will help you learn practical and proven techniques to deal with many tasks you'll encounter when administering a Linux server.

In this troubleshooting course, you will master the full power of the superuser; you'll use sudo to fix user management files and passwords, and schedule tasks with cron before troubleshooting.

You will also troubleshoot and resolve wireless issues, identify machine issues with different troubleshooting processes, configure an SSH server for remote connections, and set up a Network File System to connect to your client.

Style and Approach

The course follows a strict hands-on approach and demonstrates full troubleshooting steps; performing administrative tasks with root using sudo; working with user management; troubleshooting and managing recurring tasks with cron; troubleshooting wireless networks; troubleshooting services and processes; configuring and working with SSH servers, and installing a Network File System.

  • Gain administrative superuser power with sudo to multitask and troubleshoot all administration tasks
  • Develop your own methods to troubleshoot services and processes and monitor the system to identify critical machine issues
  • Configure SSH servers for secured connections via remote computers and set up a Network File System to better manage your Linux files
Course Length 2 hours 54 minutes
ISBN 9781789341416
Date Of Publication 2 Sep 2018


Paul Olushile

Paul Olushile graduated with a diploma degree in computer science and is currently working as a Cyber Security Expert. He loves teaching and has been freelancing for more than four years to share his expertise as a Unix/Linux Administrator with his students. He has a diverse set of certifications, interests, and experiences, including server administration.