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  • Acquire and configure your own free personal developer instance of ServiceNow
  • Read (and write!) clear, effective requirements for ServiceNow development
  • Avoid common pitfalls and missteps that could seriously impact future progress and upgradeability
  • Use the ServiceNow plugins to manage development
  • Build and publish custom applications for service management
  • Write efficient and effective client-side JavaScript
  • Find out how to authenticate and secure Web Services
  • Integrate and exchange data with people and systems
  • Create and secure your systems with proper access control

ServiceNow is a SaaS application that provides workflow form-based applications. It is an ideal platform for creating enterprise-level applications, giving requesters and fulfillers improved visibility and access to a process. ServiceNow-based applications often replace email by providing a better way to get work done.

This course will show you how to put important ServiceNow features to work in the real world. We will introduce key concepts and examples on managing and automating IT services, and help you build a solid foundation towards this new approach. You will then learn more about the power of tasks, events, and notifications. We’ll then focus on using web services and other mechanisms to integrate ServiceNow with other systems.

Further on, you’ll learn how to secure applications and data, and understand how ServiceNow performs logging and error reporting. At the end of this course, you will acquire immediately applicable skills to rectify everyday problems encountered on the ServiceNow platform.

The course provides you with highly practical content explaining ServiceNow from the following Packt books:

  1. Learning ServiceNow 
  2. ServiceNow Cookbook
  3. Mastering ServiceNow, Second Edition
  • Leverage ServiceNow's capabilities to achieve improved service management and excellent results in your IT operations by following step-by-step, practical instructions
  • Build core administration, management, and maintenance skills with IT service management and IT operations management
  • Improve your workflow efficiency by designing and creating responsive and automated workflows
Page Count 1330
Course Length 39 hours 54 minutes
ISBN 9781788626903
Date Of Publication 16 Aug 2017


Tim Woodruff

Tim Woodruff is a ServiceNow architect and developer who has spent his entire adult life working in IT systems and development, with over a decade of experience in both. Tim has written several books on ServiceNow, and runs a ServiceNow development blog called SN Pro Tips.

Tim writes ServiceNow apps which he gives away through his development blog. When he's not working, Tim can be found researching obscure and arcane programming trivia and studying physics. You can fi nd Tim on Twitter at @TheTimWoodruff.

Ashish Rudra Srivastava

Ashish Rudra Srivastava is an ITIL and ServiceNow Certified Professional who has assisted multiple global organizations in ITSM, CRM, BPM, and Infrastructure management implementations and solution delivery. He works as a ServiceNow consultant, developer, and trainer and has trained numerous industry professionals in ITSM tools such as ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, and JIRA in the administration, development, and implementation arenas. He is a strategic partner to clients in the insurance and banking domains.

Martin Wood

Martin Wood has spent almost 10 years spreading the word about ServiceNow. He has been lucky enough to see the company and platform grow from the very start, beginning as one of the earliest customers in 2008, when he built one of the first custom applications. He enjoyed the experience so much that he joined the company in 2009. There onwards, he worked with a variety of clients, from blue-chip enterprises to SMEs, helping them harness the power that the platform brings.

More recently, he has taken that experience and used it to shape the latest services and products that ServiceNow creates. Martin has always been passionate about helping people make informed decisions, whether that is at the ServiceNow user conference, or over a pint in a pub.

Martin lives in the beautiful Berkshire countryside in the UK with his wife Sarah. They both love exploring the world and enjoying good food—and great wine!