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ServiceNow Application Development

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  • Customize the ServiceNow dashboard to meet your business requirements
  • Use Administration and Security Controls to add roles and ensure proper access
  • Manage tables and columns using data dictionaries
  • Learn how application scopes are defined within ServiceNow
  • Configure different types of table to design your application
  • Start using the different types of scripting options available in ServiceNow
  • Design and create workflows for task tables
  • Use debugging techniques available in ServiceNow to easily resolve script-related issues
  • Run scripts at regular time intervals using the Scheduled Script Execution module

ServiceNow provides service management for every department in the enterprise, including IT, Human Resources, Facilities, Field Service, and more.

This book focuses on all the steps required to develop apps and workflows for any of your business requirements using ServiceNow. You will start with the first module, which covers the basics of ServiceNow and how applications are structured; how you can customize the dashboard as required; and also how to create users. After you get used to the dashboard, you will move on to the next module, Applications and Tables, where you will learn about working with different tables and how you can create a scope other than the global scope for your application. The next module is Scripting and APIs, where you will learn Scripting in ServiceNow and use powerful APIs to develop applications. The final module, Administration Essentials, covers debugging, advanced database features, and scheduled script creation.

By the end of the book you will have mastered creating organized and customer-friendly applications

  • Build and customize your apps and workflows to suit your organization’s requirements
  • Perform in-depth application development from designing forms to writing business rules, client-scripts, and workflows
  • Comprehensive guide to the end-to-end implementation of designing and extending apps with ServiceNow
Page Count 408
Course Length 12 hours 14 minutes
Date Of Publication 24 Sep 2017


Sagar Gupta

Sagar Gupta is the chief software architect and founder of Eworks Services Pvt. Ltd., central India's first ISO 27001-certified firm.

He leads a team of 50+ ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, AEM, Cloud, and BigData experts. He started his career building custom enterprise and service management applications in 2003 and has been working on the ServiceNow platform since the past 7 years. He has in-depth knowledge of the platform ranging from ITSM and ITOM to GRC, Security Operations, HR, Field Service, and IT Business Management.

Over the past several years, he has consulted numerous companies and conducted over 200 training sessions for Fortune 500 organizations such as GE, Dell, NetApp, IBM, Cognizant, Sapient, HCL, and EMC2.

He is also the lead engineer in the SnowEditor project and currently devotes most of his time helping companies improve their IT service delivery, modernize ITSM, automate processes, and build cloud-native applications on ServiceNow.