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Salesforce CRM: The Definitive Admin Handbook - Second Edition

Paul Goodey

Salesforce CRM is a web-based Customer Relationship Management Service designed to transform your marketing and sales. With this complete guide to implementing the service, administrators of all levels can easily acquire deep knowledge of the platform.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781782170525
Paperback426 pages

About This Book

  • Updated for Spring '13, this book covers best practice administration principles, real-world experience, and critical design considerations for setting up and customizing Salesforce CRM
  • Analyze data within Salesforce by using reports, dashboards, custom reports, and report builder
  • A step-by-step guide offering clear guidance for the customization and administration of the Salesforce CRM application
  • Connect users with people and share business information using Salesforce Chatter
  • Learn to extend the functionality of the Salesforce CRM application through the use of the platform and technologies such as Visualforce
  • Improve the user experience of users in Salesforce CRM by providing additional functionality using external applications from the AppExchange

Who This Book Is For

This book is for administrators who want to develop and strengthen their Salesforce CRM skills in the areas of configuration and system management. Whether you are a novice or a more experienced admin, this book aims to enhance your knowledge and understanding of the Salesforce CRM platform and by the end of the book, you should be ready to administer Salesforce CRM in a real-world environment.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Organization Administration
User login and authorization
Establishing your company profile within Salesforce
User Interface
Search overview
Chapter 2: User Management in Salesforce CRM
Introduction to record ownership, profiles, and sharing
Managing users in Salesforce CRM
Chapter 3: Configuration in Salesforce CRM
The relationship between a profile and the features that it controls
Creating custom objects
Creating custom fields
Custom field governance
Page layouts
Record types
Related lists
List views
Chapter 4: Data Management
Data access security model
Organization-wide sharing defaults (OWD)
Role hierarchy
Organization-wide defaults and sharing rules
Sharing rules
Data validation
Importing and exporting data
Field sets
Recycle Bin
Data storage utilization
Chapter 5: Data Analytics with Reports and Dashboards
Chapter 6: Implementing Business Processes in Salesforce CRM
Workflow rules and approval processes
Configuring workflow rules
Approval process
Configuring approval processes
Visual Workflow
Chapter 7: Salesforce CRM Functions
Functional overview of Salesforce CRM
Marketing administration
Salesforce automation
Service cloud
Salesforce Chatter
Chapter 8: Extending Salesforce CRM
Enterprise mashups in web applications
Mashups in Salesforce CRM
Introduction to Visualforce
Chapter 9: Best Practices for Enhancing Productivity
Managed and unmanaged packages
External and third party tools
App security
Change management overview
User adoption

What You Will Learn

  • Implement mechanisms to manage login access and determine company-specific information
  • Manage users within Salesforce CRM using features such as granting login access to administrators and enabling delegated user administration
  • Configure data structures and user interfaces in Salesforce CRM by using various mechanisms offered by Salesforce CRM
  • Control object and profile permissions to access data records by using permission sets, sharing rules, criteria-based sharing, and also manual sharing
  • Configure actions for workflow rules and approval processes to automate and streamline the key business process for your organization
  • Understand the functional areas within Salesforce CRM for campaigns to customers
  • Learn to administer and configure complex Salesforce CRM functionality with ease

In Detail

Salesforce CRM: The Definitive Admin Handbook is the complete guide to implementing Salesforce CRM. Whether you are looking to enhance the core features or you have already started customizing your Salesforce CRM system and are looking for guidance on advanced features. This book will show you how to get maximum benefit from this exciting product.

Salesforce CRM is a market-leading customer relationship management (CRM) application that is accessed over the Internet. The CRM application provides facilities to manage sales projections and orders, marketing plans, business process automation and collaboration, service and support, and data analytics. The application greatly enhances a company’s sales performance, improves team work and collaboration, and provides a robust customer relationship management strategy for an organization.

Salesforce CRM: The Definitive Admin Handbook has been updated for the Spring '13 release and gives you all the information you need to administer this powerful CRM application.

The book begins with the setup of users and security settings and then progresses to configuration, data management, and data analytics. Finally, the book covers the ways in which the core platform can be further extended and enhanced.

Focused on the needs of the enterprise, this book provides a solution-driven approach for both business and IT specialists to get the most from the Salesforce CRM application. It begins with setting up of organization-wide features that affect the look-and-feel of the application. We will then move on to data management, analytics, process automation and approval mechanisms are then covered, along with the functional areas of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Salesforce Chatter. Finally, we will look into the methods used to further enhance the system and to improve the return on investment from the application.

After reading Salesforce CRM: The Definitive Admin Handbook, you will feel comfortable with the administration features within Salesforce CRM and will have been presented with real-world scenarios to improve the setup and avoid some common pitfalls.


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