Reliability and Resilience on AWS [Video]

More Information
  • Deploy EC2 Auto scaling for web server instances.
  • How to build and maintain EC2 images.
  • Design Application Load Balancing Services that scale across availability zones.
  • Design Cloud Watch alarms to automate the autoscaling of web servers to match demand.
  • Monitor applications and design CloudWatch metrics and alarms for autoscaling
  • Develop plans to use AWS Auto Scaling to manage EC2 instances, Dynamo DB, and Aurora

Cloud services are vulnerable to network and other outages. When your applications are not performing as they should, no one is happy. However, applications can be designed to be resilient and responsive under demand while hosted in the cloud with Cloud hosted applications at AWS.
In this course, you’ll learn how to prepare for potentially devastating interruptions by building your own resilient and reliable applications in the public cloud. You’ll explore the steps to properly host and automatically scale applications hosted in the cloud. You’ll also take a look at load-balancing, backed with autoscaling, driven by the CloudWatch monitoring service producing an automated solution methodology.
By the end of the course, you will be able to achieve application resiliency, autoscaling, and failover with your applications hosted in the Amazon cloud.

Style and Approach

This course takes a hands-on approach that guides your learning through comprehensive examples and clear and concise explanations. Useful tips and tricks will be included throughout the course to get the audience to be able to build resilient cloud application in on time.

  • Design scalable, available & resilient cloud applications in no time
  • Achieve application resiliency with automated scaling by utilizing AWS EC2 Autoscale, Load-balancing, and CloudWatch monitoring services.
  • Build cloud applications that can be designed to scale and failover automatically
Course Length 1 hour 42 minutes
ISBN 9781789611700
Date Of Publication 30 Nov 2018


Alan Rodrigues

Alan Rodrigues has been working on software components such as Docker containers and Kubernetes for the last 2 years. He has extensive experience working on the AWS Platform; he is currently certified as an AWS Solution Architect Associate, a SysOps Administrator, and a Developer Associate. He has seen organizations moving toward using containers as part of their microservice architecture. And there is a strong need to have a container orchestration tool in place. Kubernetes is by far the most popular container orchestration currently being adopted.