Puppet: Mastering Infrastructure Automation

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  • Write and employ individual Puppet manifests
  • Understand how Puppet implements system abstraction
  • Use Puppet to manage network, cloud, and virtualization devices
  • Manage and test the Puppet code workflow
  • Tweak, hack, and adapt the Puppet extension points
  • Use exported resources to orchestrate change between machines
  • Debug a puppetserver using Java techniques

Puppet is a configuration management tool that allows you to automate all your IT configurations, giving you control. It was written for and by system administrators to manage large numbers of systems efficiently and prevent configuration drifts. Puppet gives you control of what you do to each node, when you do it, and how you do it.This Learning Path will take you from the basics of Puppet to extending it and then mastering it. We will start off with a primer on Puppet, its installation and get a sneak peek under its hood. We will then move on to designing and deploying your Puppet architecture, learning best practices for writing reusable and maintainable code, and executing, testing, and deploying Puppet across your systems. Finally, we will deal with problems of scale and exceptions in your code, automate workflows, and support multiple developers working simultaneously.This course is based on the following books:

  1. Puppet 4 Essentials - Second Edition
  2. Extending Puppet - Second Edition
  3. Mastering Puppet - Second Edition
  • Step-by-step instructions to jump start your Puppet deployment and automate your IT configurations
  • Design, implement, and deploy Puppet in your infrastructure and tackle everyday IT infrastructure challenges
  • Gain expert understanding of Puppet's latest and most advanced features
Page Count 796
Course Length 23 hours 52 minutes
ISBN 9781788399708
Date Of Publication 12 Jun 2017


Alessandro Franceschi

Thomas Uphill

Felix Frank

Martin Alfke

Jaime Soriano Pastor

Jaime Soriano Pastor was born in Teruel, a small city in Spain. He has always been a passionate about technology and sciences. While studying computer science at the university in his hometown he had his first encounters with Linux and free software, what deeply shaped its career. He worked for some companies on different and interesting projects from operative systems in embedded devices to the cloud giving him a wide view on several fields of software development and systems administration. Currently automation, configuration management and continuous integration form a part of his daily work at SRE team in Tuenti Technologies.