Puppet 5.0 Essentials for Configuration Management [Video]

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  • Implement consistent configuration across all the servers whether Windows or Linux
  • Deploy applications frequently as consistently & reliably to multiple servers.
  • Learn to configure Puppet Master & Puppet Agent, create Puppet programs - manifests.
  • Building modules using them and create your own custom modules.
  • Configure Windows and Linux systems & manage configurations for any of your applications.
  • Learn to write Puppet programs spending less time on writing, testing & debugging scripts.
  • Minimize configuration mistakes & downtime with Puppet to overcome problems when using scripts.
  • Automate all of the above features ensuring all of your servers are in compliance with the desired configuration.

Puppet is a configuration management system that automates all your IT configurations and software deployment for Windows and Linux. It gives you control of what you do to each node, when you do it, and how you do it. You will learn to implement consistent configuration across every servers. We will deploy applications to multiple servers. You will learn to build modules by creating your own custom modules. Then avoid and reduce configuration mistakes and downtime with Puppet to overcome problems when using scripts.

Finally, we will look into the Windows configuration management and the Git version control.

Style and Approach

This will be a step by step and fast paced practical guide to learn different techniques you can use in order to learn and optimize automation of configuration management in Windows and Linux, in a professional environment for better speed and results

  • Deploy servers with required (Windows server or Linux server) configurations for running applications or services. 
  • Easy solutions to ensure the correct servers configuration (Windows server or Linux server) when each server has different configurations. 
  • Prevent servers from crashing by deploying servers in a consistent and reliable way.
Course Length 4 hours 34 minutes
ISBN 9781789137255
Date Of Publication 30 Nov 2018


Abdul Basit Alvi

Abdul Basit Alvi is a certified professional with expertise in open source cloud systems and mobile core networks. He has over 3 years of experience in deploying and managing open source cloud systems and using puppet for configuration management and deployment of large scale cloud systems such as Openstack. He also has experience in using configuration management tools such as Ansible and Puppet for Orchestration and Automation of various virtual network functions in mobile core networks.