Professional Oracle Mobile

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  • The architecture and functionality of the Oracle Mobile Cloud enterprise
  • Build RESTful APIs using Oracle ADF BC as REST, and with Node.js
  • Deploy web services on Java Cloud Service and Application Container Cloud Service
  • Integrate different systems and building Mobile ready APIs using Mobile Core
  • An overview of Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit
  • Build hybrid applications using Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit
  • Create mobile-first Uis using zero-code platforms: Oracle VBCS and Oracle MAX
  • Build a Chatbot for your enterprise using Oracle Intelligent Bots Cloud Service

Step into the future of Oracle mobile development with confidence. This book shows you how to design and create modern user interfaces with Oracle PaaS products, including Visual Builder Cloud Service, Application Container Cloud, and Mobile Cloud. Balancing theory with hands-on practice, you’ll also learn to work with MAX, Java Cloud and Chatbots.

Oracle mobile developers need to work with a varied list of technologies today, and so this book broadens your experience with hands-on experience using ADF, NodeJS and Oracle JET. You’ll work with a rich diversity of Oracle mobile options, so that you’re ready to choose the best technology options in your modern projects.

This book takes a bottom-up approach, starting with how you can develop APIs for your backend or database, through to how to shape, manage and secure your APIs using Mobile Cloud service. You’ll see how to build hybrid and mobile application. And along the way, you’ll learn how to collect and analyze the statistical data from your mobile applications.

With many new options in mobile development opening out today, this book continues by bringing a practical approach to Chatbots, as a significant new industry communications channel. This diverse and modern book completes with a practical study about designing and developing Mobile first UIs.

  • Understand the architecture and functionality of Oracle Mobile Cloud enterprise
  • Build a mobile architecture using Oracle Mobile Cloud enterprise
  • Build mobile-first and hybrid applications using JavaScript and zero-code platforms
Page Count 443
Course Length 13 hours 17 minutes
ISBN 9781788830959
Date Of Publication 31 Dec 2019


Rubén Rodríguez

Rubén Rodríguez has been developing web and mobile applications using Oracle technologies since his degree in Computer Science. He now works as an Oracle ADF Technical Lead and Oracle PaaS Solution Specialist in a Spanish Platinum Partner, avanttic where he is focusing on developing solutions with Oracle PaaS and Oracle Application Development Tools and Frameworks for different customers of different sectors. Apart from his work commitments, Rubén is a regular contributor to the Oracle community, and he maintains blogs in Spanish and English. Ruben is also a speaker in different events and conferences such as Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle PaaS Community Forum, OTN Tour EMEA and UKOUG Tech.

Soham Dasgupta

Soham Dasgupta has been working with Oracle technologies for more than 12 years. He is presently working as a Senior Consultant for Capgemini Netherlands. His primary skills include ADF, Java, NodeJS, OracleJET, Chatbots and Oracle PaaS Products. He works as UI Technical Lead for Capgemini Netherlands. Soham is a frequent blogger and speaker on various Oracle User Group Conferences across the Netherlands, Norway, and Germany.