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Part 1: AWS Certified Solutions Architect (and CD,SO) [Video]

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  • Gain Solid Understanding of Amazon Web Services Cloud Platform
  • Ace Questions on AWS

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Guide & Question Bank - I provide a structured introduction to AWS and prepares you to get certified at the Associate Level. This course covers services that form the foundation of AWS - Network, Compute, Load Balancing, Elastic Scaling, Storage, Monitoring, Security and Cost Estimation. Each topic is covered with concepts, hands-on activity, practice exams. The question bank consists of 300+ exam like practice quizzes. Students would be able to download lecture presentation slides for offline review.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Part-1-AWS-Certified-Solutions-Architect-and-CD-SO-

Style and Approach

A step-by-step introduction to AWS and the best way to pass the certification Exam!

  • Become An Expert In AWS - Concept, Handson, 450+ Exam Prep Questions, In-depth Coverage with Updated Content
  • The basic requirement of Experience with Application Architecture and Solution Development
Course Length 17 hours 17 minutes
ISBN 9781838824396
Date Of Publication 24 Apr 2019
Instance and Elastic Block Store (EBS), Dedicated and Shared Resources
EC2 Virtualization Types, Nitro and BareMetal
EC2 Console and Amazon Machine Images (AMI)
Instance Family, Type, Size, Hardware Acceleration
General Purpose, Burstable, Unlimited, CPU Credits
Compute, Storage, Memory, Accelerated Computing Instance Families
Which Instance Family to Pick?
Demo - CPU Credits, Burstable and Unlimited Mode
Instance Root Access - Secure Login Key Pairs
Physical Location - Region, Availability Zone and Virtual Private Cloud
Demo - EC2 Web Server Setup
Demo - EC2 Reboot, Stop, Start
Demo - Elastic IP
Demo - Resize Instances
Demo - Launch Windows EC2 instances
Placement Group
Elastic Block Store (EBS) Optimized Instances
Bastion Host
Demo - Bastion Host VPC Setup with Public and Private Subnets
Demo - Bastion Host Security Group, Launch Private and Public Instances
Demo - Bastion Host Credential Forwarding and Connecting to Instances
Demo - Bastion Host Cleanup
Security Group In Depth
Network Access Control List (ACL)
Access Control - IAM, Key Pairs and Sharing AMI
IAM Roles - Access Other AWS Services From EC2
Demo - EC2 Instance with IAM Roles to Access S3
Lifecycle of EC2 Instance
Recover Instance - Handle AWS Infrastructure, Host and Instance issues
EC2 Instance Purchasing Options
Reserved Instance Pricing and Features
Spot Instance Pricing Model
Spot Usage Examples, Best Practices
Demo - Spot Instance Launch
Demo - Spot Instance Diversified Allocation Strategy
Pricing - EC2, Elastic IP, Data Transfer, Storage, GPU
Managing Instance, OS, Users
Managing Instance with EC2 Instance Manager, Processor State Control
User Data - Customize Instance at Launch
Instance Metadata - Query Instance Attributes at Runtime
Demo - Customize Instance with User Data
Demo - Query Instance Metadata
Terminology - Bucket, Object, Key, Region
Consistency Model - How S3 Responds When Changes are propagated
Versioning - Concept and Usage Scenarios ADD, DELETE
Versioning - Usage Scenarios GET Object, List Bucket, Undelete, Restore
Suspend Versioning – Scenarios
Demo - S3 Versioning
Demo - Versioned Object Delete, Un-delete, Permanent Delete of a Version
Demo - Suspend Versioning
Storage Class - Standard and Infrequent Access
Storage Class - Glacier Storage
Storage Class - One Zone IA
Storage Class - Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS)
Table - Comparison of Storage Classes and Attributes
Changing Storage Class
Demo - Storage Class - Specifying Storage Class, Changing It, Version Storage
Billing - S3 Cost Structure
Billing - Requester Pays For Transfer Option
Performance - Multipart Loading for Large Objects and Improved Reliability
Performance Continued - Content Distribution Network, Key Naming
Transfer Acceleration & Performance Comparison Tool
Lifecycle Management - Manage Retention, Storage Class, Cost of S3 Storage
Lifecycle Management Rules - Recommended Object Lifecycle Flow
Lifecycle Behavior - UnVersioned, Version Enabled, Version Suspended Bucket
Demo - Object Retention by Age
Demo - Object Retention by Folder and Age
Demo - Tiered Storage Management
Demo - Versioned Object Management
Cross Region Replication (CRR) - Introduction and Usage Scenarios
CRR - What is replicated and what is Not Replicated?
Replication Status - How to Check?
Demo - Cross Region Replication Setup, Add, Delete, Update Test, Check Status
Access - When to use Object Access Control List (ACL) and Predefined Groups?
Access Management - When to use Bucket ACL and Bucket Policies?
Demo - Object ACL and Bucket ACL
Encryption Options - Protecting Data at Rest and In-Transit
Table - Server Side Encryption (SSE) Types and Comparison
Demo - Encrypting New and Existing Objects with Server Side Encryption
Static Website Hosting vs REST Based Access
Presigned URL - Allow Temporary Access to Object and Upload Access
Event Notification - Send Alerts and Trigger WorkFlows Based on S3 Events
Monitoring - CloudWatch Metrics and Server Access Logs
Request Routing in S3 - Handling Errors during RESTful Calls
BitTorrent Based S3 Content Distribution
Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) - Serving Javascripts, Images, Videos


Chandra Lingam

Chandra Lingam spent 15 years at Intel, developing and managing systems that handled hundreds of terabytes of worldwide factory data. Chandra is an expert on Amazon Web Services, mission-critical systems, and machine learning. He has a rich background in systems' development in both traditional IT data centers and Cloud-based infrastructures. For those new to AWS, he is uniquely positioned to guide you to become an expert in the AWS Cloud platform. He has a Master's degree in Computer Science from ASU and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai.