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Oracle Solaris 11: First Look

Philip P. Brown

A sneak peek at all the important new features and functionality of Oracle Solaris 11
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849688307
Paperback168 pages

About This Book

  • Master the new installation methods
  • Learn about advanced network configuration


Who This Book Is For

If you are a Solaris administrator looking for a step-by-step guide to understand the new features and functionality of Oracle Solaris 11, then this is the guide for you. Working knowledge of Solaris is required.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: IPS – The Image Packaging System
The brave new world of IPS
Package naming schemes
Overview of package and patch installation
Practical examples of pkg command usage
Dealing with repositories
Package updates and patching
Chapter 2: Solaris 11 Installation Methods
It's the Oracle of install systems!
Default passwords
Installation from CD-ROM
Overview of how AI install works
Network bootstrap process details
Setting up a local install server with installadm
Common traps and pitfalls
Solaris 11 release version versus support version
Chapter 3: Sysadmin Configuration Differences
Welcome to the new normal
Host identity: the sysconfig command
Driver configuration: /etc/driver/drv
Network address configuration: ipadm and dladm
Wireless configuration: Stick to the GUI if you can
Miscellaneous differences in system-level configuration
Chapter 4: Networking Nuts and Bolts
Networking re-architected
Orientation to new Solaris 11 networking
Interface naming and IP labels
NWAM – NetWork AutoMagic
IPMP – IP multipathing
Link aggregation
VNIC – Virtual NIC
VLAN tagging
IP tunneling
Network resource management
Other changes
Chapter 5: NWAM – Networking Auto-reconfiguration
What is NWAM and how you can use it
Chapter 6: ZFS – Now You Can't Ignore It!
ZFS – your future, today
ZFS root – no more UFS
ZFS booting and beadm
ZFS, beadm, and zones
Deduplication now possible
ZFS encryption
ZFS diff between snapshots
Miscellaneous changes and improvements
Chapter 7: Zones in Solaris 11
Taking things to the next zone
New zone utilities
New zone capabilities
Fast zone creation via clone
Automatic Network Interfaces – the anet resource
Preconfiguring zones
Immutable zones
Chapter 8: Security Improvements
Keeping the horse in the barn
Mandatory auditing
Immutable zones
ProFTPd is the new FTP server
Sudo privileged access tool
Direct root use now blocked by default
Fine-grained RBAC privileges
On-disk encryption
Chapter 9: Miscellaneous
What's in this chapter anyway?
Virtual consoles, also known as virtual terminals, are back
Fast reboot
CUPS printing
Power management
Notifications triggered by SMF state transitions
Trusted Solaris extras

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the new Solaris packaging system
  • Master the role of zones in Solaris 11 with some new utilities, new features, and some mandatory differences in basic setup and usage
  • Get started with some security features and improvements
  • Discover features of the ZFS file system in Solaris 11


In Detail

Oracle Solaris provides innovative, built-in features that deliver breakthrough high availability, advanced security, efficiency, and industry-leading scalability and performance to help businesses grow.

"Oracle Solaris 11: First Look" covers the new features and functionality of Oracle Solaris 11 and how these new features and improvements will make it easier to deploy services to the enterprise while improving performance and reducing total cost of ownership.

This book starts with coverage of Image Packaging System and the new installation methods. It then moves swiftly to network configuration. The book also includes some security features and improvements.



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