OpenStack for Architects - Second Edition

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  • Learn the overall structure of an OpenStack deployment
  • Craft an OpenStack deployment process which fits within your organization
  • Apply Agile Development methodologies to engineer and operate OpenStack clouds
  • Build a product roadmap for Infrastructure as a Service based on OpenStack
  • Make use of containers to increase the manageability and resiliency of applications running in and on OpenStack.
  • Use enterprise security guidelines for your OpenStack deployment

Over the past six years, hundreds of organizations have successfully implemented Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms based on OpenStack. The huge amount of investment from these organizations, including industry giants such as IBM and HP, as well as open source leaders, such as Red Hat, Canonical, and SUSE, has led analysts to label OpenStack as the most important open source technology since the Linux operating system. Due to its ambitious scope, OpenStack is a complex and fast-evolving open source project that requires a diverse skill set to design and implement it.

OpenStack for Architects leads you through the major decision points that you'll face while architecting an OpenStack private cloud for your organization. This book will address the recent changes made in the latest OpenStack release i.e Queens, and will also deal with advanced concepts such as containerization, NVF, and security. At each point, the authors offer you advice based on the experience they've gained from designing and leading successful OpenStack projects in a wide range of industries. Each chapter also includes lab material that gives you a chance to install and configure the technologies used to build production-quality OpenStack clouds. Most importantly, the book focuses on ensuring that your OpenStack project meets the needs of your organization, which will guarantee a successful rollout.

  • Gain hands-on experience in designing a private cloud for all infrastructures
  • Create a robust virtual environment for your organization
  • Design, implement and deploy an OpenStack-based cloud based on the Queens release
Page Count 256
Course Length 7 hours 40 minutes
ISBN 9781788624510
Date Of Publication 30 May 2018


Ben Silverman

Ben Silverman, the Chief Cloud Officer for the service provider/Telco team at OnX. Previously, Ben has worked as a Sr. system architect for Mirantis and as the lead architect for American Express's first OpenStack cloud. He is also responsible for the OpenStack Architecture Guide online and leads the Phoenix OpenStack User's group. He holds a degree in English communications and a master's degree in information management from Arizona State University.

He has also been a technical reviewer of the book, Learning OpenStack, by Packt Publishing.

Michael Solberg

Michael Solberg, as a chief architect, is responsible for helping Red Hat customers achieve their key business transformation initiatives through open source architectures and technologies. His previous experience includes building a web hosting infrastructure, helping enterprises migrate to Linux, and designing new Infrastructure-as-a-Service platforms. He is an avid supporter of the OpenStack project and a regular speaker at industry events.