OpenShift Cookbook

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  • Teach you how to create and deploy your own Java EE and Spring applications using OpenShift
  • Help you discover how to host your Node.js applications
  • Guide you through developing and deploying Python web applications
  • Learn the trade of building horizontally scalable applications with OpenShift
  • Show you how to store your periodic database backup to Amazon S3
  • Leverage the rhc command-line tool to become efficient with OpenShift
  • Learn how to effectively use Jenkins with OpenShift applications

It is important to hit the ground running with the creation and deployment of your OpenShift applications. This book will start by showing you how to create OpenShift applications, use different databases with your applications, and deal with your applications based on your background as a developer. All bases have been covered with very extensive sections on the Java, Python, and Node platforms. Your enlightening quest into OpenShift will conclude with a discussion on how to continuously integrate and deploy your apps using Jenkins, and how OpenShift can help you build horizontally scalable applications.

This comprehensive cookbook will show the trainee OpenShift developer a huge number of recipes, solutions, tips, and tricks to improve their experience and enhance their expertise.

  • Over 100 different solutions and shortcuts that help you to develop and deploy your next application quickly and efficiently
  • A comprehensive guide containing recipes on a wide variety of topics to assist developers from all backgrounds, from horizontal scaling and periodic database back-up to application monitoring
  • Written in a clear and comprehensible style that offers support for Java, Python, and Node.js developers
Page Count 430
Course Length 12 hours 54 minutes
ISBN 9781783981205
Date Of Publication 29 Oct 2014


Shekhar Gulati

Shekhar Gulati is a developer and OpenShift evangelist working with Red Hat. He has been evangelizing about OpenShift for the last 2 years. He regularly speaks at various conferences and user groups around the world to spread the goodness of OpenShift. He regularly blogs on the OpenShift official blog and has written more than 50 blogs on OpenShift. Shekhar has also written many technical articles for IBM developerWorks,, and Javalobby.