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Microsoft Application Virtualization Cookbook

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  • Deploy a full App-V infrastructure
  • Deploy App-V clients and prerequisites
  • Leverage connection groups to combine App-V packages
  • Reduce hardware requirements for your Remote Desktop Session Hosts
  • Extend the use of your investments in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
  • Discover which applications your users are running
  • Resolve issues with your deployment quickly
  • Customize App-V packages to your needs
  • Scale out your App-V infrastructure to accommodate increasing requirements

With an ever-increasing number of applications being deployed in the workplace, Microsoft App-V 5 enables administrators to abstract these applications from clients, in turn reducing the time taken to complete the software deployment lifecycle. Part of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, App-V 5 centralizes the management of applications with a variety of deployment methods to suit each environment.

With this hands-on Cookbook, you will learn how best to utilize features of App-V that you may already be familiar with, as well as gain insights into features only recently introduced such as the enhanced Connection Groups and Shared Content Store Mode.

The book starts with the deployment of a scalable App-V infrastructure and progresses to cover the sequencing of common applications, as well as how you can take advantage of the new Office 2013 and Office 365 deployment methods.

In later chapters, you will discover integrations with Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Citrix XenDesktop, and Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager.

Finally, you will learn to leverage the App-V reporting server, Microsoft Excel, and pivot tables to gain insights into which applications are being used, along with how to troubleshoot issues with your deployment.

  • Deploy a resilient App-V infrastructure
  • Combine App-V with Remote Desktop Services, Citrix XenDesktop, and System Center Configuration Manager
  • Discover Shared Content Store Mode, Scripting, and Connection Groups to extend your deployment
Page Count 218
Course Length 6 hours 32 minutes
ISBN 9781785281044
Date Of Publication 16 Aug 2015


James Preston

James Preston is an IT professional working in the field of education and has a broad range of interests, including virtualization with Hyper-V and App-V, data-orientated application design with Visual Studio Lightswitch, IP telephony, and remote access technologies.

Willing to share this breadth of knowledge, he runs a personal blog (myworldofit.net), which covers a wide range of topics; this most recently includes an end-to-end deployment of Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 R2, publishing a WebDAV server, the effective integration of student databases with virtual learning environments, and a take on an enterprise Wi-Fi deployment.

James has previously provided technical reviews for books on Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix® VDI-In-A-Box.

When not working, he can be found in a local coffee shop, having a go at the latest computer games or planning the training program for his local Air Cadet squadron.