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Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide

Augusto Alvarez

This book will take your App-V skills to the ultimate level. Dig deep into the technology and learn stuff you never knew existed. The step-by-step approach makes it surprisingly easy to realize the full potential of App-V.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849684484
Paperback474 pages

About This Book

  • Understand advanced topics in App-V; identify some rarely known components and options available in the platform
  • Acquire advanced guidelines on how to troubleshoot App-V installations, sequencing, and application deployments
  • Learn how to handle particular applications, adapting companys’ policies to the implementation, enforcing application licenses, securing the environment, and so on
  • Virtualize server applications by using the upcoming platform Server App-V
  • Step-by-step explanations to maximize the utility of App-V in your application infrastructure

Who This Book Is For

This book is for system administrators or consultants who want to master and dominate App-V, and gain a deeper understanding of the technology in order to optimize App V implementations. Even though the book does not include basic steps like installing App-V components or sequencing simple applications; application virtualization beginners will receive a comprehensive look into App-V before jumping into the technical process of each chapter.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Taking a Deep Dive into App-V
What's new in App-V 4.6 SP1?
App-V components and architecture
App-V deployment possibilities
Understanding the App-V client and publishing interaction
Chapter 2: Sequencing in Complex Environments
Overview of complex sequencing
Reviewing complex applications
Handling App-V Sequencer exclusions
Using workarounds for applications with drivers
Handling the virtual environment
Using Dynamic Suite Composition
Upgrading/editing an existing application
Creating and handling package accelerators
Chapter 3: Deploying Applications in Complex Environments
Configuring and using HTTP publishing and streaming
Configuring and using the standalone mode
Configuring SSL communications
Using Providers Policies in App-V
Chapter 4: Handling Scripting and App-V Command Lines
What we can do with App-V scripting
Using App-V command lines
Reviewing possibilities using PowerShell
Chapter 5: Troubleshooting App-V
Troubleshooting App-V implementations
Troubleshooting applications delivery
Troubleshooting application sequencing/launching
Chapter 6: Scaling Up App-V Implementations
Reviewing general guidelines for the right design
Reviewing fault tolerance possibilities in App-V
Implementing Network Load Balancing in App-V
Implementing database mirroring for the App-V data store
Implementing Distributed File System
Extending App-V implementations
Chapter 7: Integrating App-V with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
Integrating App-V with VDI
Reviewing alternatives in App-V plus RDS integration
Chapter 8: Integrating App-V with System Center Configuration Manager 2012
SCCM 2012
Reviewing SCCM and App-V integration
Implementing SCCM and App-V integration
Chapter 9: Integrating Server App-V with Private Clouds
Server App-V
Understanding the SCVMM and the Private Cloud concept
Installing and configuring SCVMM 2012
Sequencing applications with Server App-V
Deploying Server App-V applications

What You Will Learn

  • Perform sequencing in complex environments including scenarios where App-V is normally not supported
  • Deploy your applications using HTTP/S or configure standalone modes for local and SMB Streaming in complex scenarios such as adjusting communication ports for application delivery
  • Get hands on in how to implement the scripting process within App-V applications and also review how to use App-V command lines
  • Troubleshoot App-V
  • Scale-up App-V implementations by using failover and load balanced scenarios
  • Review App-V integration with VDI and Remote Desktop Services
  • Integrate App-V with SCCM 2012
  • Examine 3rd party tools available in App-V

In Detail

Microsoft’s Application Virtualization technology has been emerging as one of the main platforms in application virtualization. This is mainly because more and more organizations are thinking about application virtualization as a valid implementation; also because App-V represents probably the most attractive solution. App-V introduces a new and efficient way to improve operating systems and application life cycles in organizations. However, if we want to maximize our investment we must learn that every scenario and application differs from another, as does complexity.

With Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide administrators will find detailed topics for understanding App-V components, architecture and implementation models; as well as step-by-step guidance to master App-V processes. There is also guidance on integrating App-V with other robust platforms like VDI, SCCM 2012 and even virtualizing server applications.

Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide will start by giving readers the means to discover unfamiliar topics in App-V, as well as understanding App-V's architecture. By doing so, it will provide the baseline needed before shifting to advanced topics in App-V, like complex scenarios for sequencing and deploying applications.

The book details scripting within App-V, as well as handling the platform using the command line; there is a complete review of troubleshooting installations, sequencing and deploying applications.

Integration is another key component we will cover by introducing App-V in VDI and SCCM 2012. Server applications are not forgotten with Server App-V, using this book the reader will have a detailed understanding, with how-to steps to virtualize server applications.


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