Mastering Puppet for Large Infrastructures [Video]

More Information
  • Initialize a code repository for your project and manage module dependencies
  • Configure Puppet server infrastructures by using different methodologies and components
  • Add features to achieve redundancy and optimize performance
  • Deploy specific storage components for servers to ensure fast and reliable data delivery
  • Implement orchestration using mcollective and Hiera for data management
  • Learn to trigger notifications and alerts for noteworthy Puppet events
  • Write efficient Puppet code tests and ensure proper code delivery to Puppet master servers
  • Utilize some best practices and tips on how to troubleshoot issues that might crop up

Puppet is a configuration management system that automates all your IT configurations, giving you control of what you do to each node, when you do it, and how you do it.

This video course takes you from a basic knowledge of Puppet to an advanced level, where you'll master the latest and most advanced Puppet features. You will discover advanced techniques to deal with centralized and decentralized Puppet deployments and take control of your servers and desktops. This course will also present interesting examples illustrating how to automate Puppet deployment for configuration management and every aspect of your systems, including provisioning, deployment, and change management. By learning these skills, you will make Puppet reliant, scalable, and high-performing.

Style and Approach

Master Puppet and overcome issues faced in larger deployments with real-world examples.

  • Deploy and configure Puppet and learn advanced techniques in a medium-to-large organization
  • Address issues faced in larger deployments (such as scalability and performance) and run a fully-functional infrastructure in an enterprise
  • Use techniques presented in this video course to create custom modules and extend your Puppet infrastructure
Course Length 4 hours 46 minutes
ISBN 9781786462527
Date Of Publication 11 Nov 2016


Thomas Uphill

Thomas Uphill has been working with Unix and Linux since the 90s. He primarily works on Linux and has an RHCA from RedHat. He's written several books on Puppet and routinely presents on Linux and Puppet at conferences such as Puppet Conf and LISA. He enjoys writing code in Ruby and Python. When not working, he blogs at and @uphillian on Twitter and IRC.