Mastering Proxmox

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  • Provide big business virtualization technology at small business prices by using Proxmox
  • Configure virtual machines beyond the basic default setup
  • Set up virtual environments of any size
  • Set up scalable, distributed shared storage systems using Ceph
  • Analyze real-world virtual environment scenarios and formulate Proxmox-based solutions
  • Monitor resources and virtual machines to maintain performance and uptime
  • Troubleshoot a virtual environment based on real-life scenarios

Proxmox is an open source virtualization management solution for servers. This book starts by guiding you through how to set up your very first Proxmox virtualization platform with minimal configuration.

The book will then make you familiar with the Proxmox GUI and the directory structure. We will then take a look at the shared storage system that Proxmox supports and its pros and cons. As we move on, you will learn how to configure virtual machines beyond the basic default setup as well as how networking is handled.

Setting up a Proxmox cluster in a production environment with minimum downtime will also be explained. Towards the end of the book, you will also learn about troubleshooting by looking at real-life problems.

We will also look at how to tackle the day-to-day challenges of an administrator managing Proxmox clusters.

  • Learn how to provide big business virtualization technology at small business prices by using Proxmox
  • Walk through every aspect of visualization using Proxmox, from a basic cluster to complex multi-cluster setups
  • A practical, scenario-based guide featuring best practices which will show you everything you need to know to tackle any Proxmox cluster
Page Count 310
Course Length 9 hours 18 minutes
ISBN 9781783980826
Date Of Publication 13 Jul 2014


Wasim Ahmed

Wasim Ahmed, born in Bangladesh and now a citizen of Canada, is a veteran of the IT world. He first came into close contact with computers in 1992 and never looked back. Wasim has a deep understanding of networks, virtualization, big data storage, and network security.

By profession, Wasim is the CEO of a global IT support and cloud service provider based in Calgary, Alberta. He serves many companies and organizations through his company on a daily basis. Wasim's strength comes from his experience, which comes from learning and serving continually. Wasim strives to find the most effective solution at the most competitive price. He has built over 20 enterprise production virtual infrastructures using Proxmox and the Ceph storage system.

Wasim and his team are notorious for not simply accepting a technology based on its description alone, but putting it through rigorous testing to check its validity. Any new technology that his company provides goes through months of continuous testing before it is accepted. Proxmox made the cut superbly.