Mastering Docker Enterprise

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  • Understand why containers are important to an enterprise
  • Understand the features and components of Docker Enterprise 2
  • Find out about the PoC, pilot, and production adoption phases
  • Get to know the best practices for installing and operating Docker Enterprise
  • Understand what is important for a Docker Enterprise in production
  • Run Kubernetes on Docker Enterprise

While known mostly as the open source engine behind tens of millions of server nodes, Docker also offers commercially supported enterprise tooling known as the Docker Enterprise. This platform leverages the deep roots from Docker Engine - Community (formerly Docker CE) and Kubernetes, but adds support and tooling to efficiently operate a secure container platform at scale. With hundreds of enterprises on board, best practices and adoption patterns are emerging rapidly. These learning points can be used to inform adopters and help manage the enterprise transformation associated with enterprise container adoption.

This book starts by explaining the case for Docker Enterprise, as well as its structure and reference architecture. From there, we progress through the PoC,pilot and production stages as a working model for adoption, evolving the platform’s design and configuration for each stage and using detailed application examples along the way to clarify and demonstrate important concepts.The book concludes with Docker’s impact on other emerging software technologies, such as Blockchain and Serverless computing.

By the end of this book, you’ll have a better understanding of what it takes to get your enterprise up and running with Docker Enterprise and beyond.

  • Get an insider’s view into the container movement and Docker Enterprise
  • Manage the transformation associated with enterprise container adoption
  • Walk through the enterprise container adoption journey
Page Count 488
Course Length 14 hours 38 minutes
ISBN 9781789612073
Date Of Publication 5 Mar 2019


Mark Panthofer

Mark Panthofer earned a degree in computer engineering in 1991 and has since accumulated 20+ years of technology adoption experience in a wide variety of positions, ranging from software engineer to software executive. He is currently the vice president of NVISIA's technology centers, where he focuses on Docker-related technology adoption.
As a Docker-accredited consultant and instructor, Mark's responsibilities include the following:

  • Providing training to leading commercial and government agencies on the best practices with Docker Enterprise for developers, DevOps, and operations
  • Providing advisory services to regional IT organizations on enterprise container adoption
  • Co-organizing Docker Chicago and Docker Milwaukee meetups
  • Collaborating with Docker's solution architects