Mastering Docker (2017) the DevOps way by School of Devops [Video]

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  • Launch and operate containers.
  • Manage and control resource limits and container properties.
  • Dockerfiles: Package a software application, build docker images, and publish on the registry.
  • Docker Compose: Deploy micro-services stack with interconnected services, Automate development environments.
  • Docker Swarm: orchestrate Docker deployments at scale in a production.
  • Set up architect fault tolerant, high available systems and achieve zero downtime deployments.
  • How to incorporate Docker into DevOps workflows.

With Docker at its core, open containers eco system is changing the way software is being built, shipped, delivered and orchestrated. If you observe closely, you could clearly see the tell-tale signs that its set to be the next big thing. All big cloud players and technology platforms alike have released tools and services around containers. Aside from the Googles and Amazons of the world who are already using containers in production, multitudes of companies globally are either contemplating a container strategy or already in the process of adopting it. If you are a IT practitioner, you should not miss being part of this revolution, and be ahead of the game by adding this shiny new skill of today and essential skill for tomorrow to your portfolio.

This course is part of the bite sized DevOps learning series by the School of DevOps, and is a pragmatic learning path to master building, deploying, delivering and managing software with containers and Docker. The introductory section is the only theoretical section; it is then followed by scenario-based, hands-on sessions, which emphasise learning by doing. Each of the sections includes quizzes and follow up nano projects, and troubleshooting exercises.

Style and Approach

This course will begin with an introductory section which will give you a good conceptual understanding by answering all of the following questions: What containers are and how they're different to VMs. What's under the hood ? What makes containers possible? How is Docker changing software delivery? How does Docker fit into a DevOps workflow? What is an open container eco system and what are its components?

  • By the time you are done with this program, you should be able to run, launch, and manage containers.
  • Manage and control resource limits and container properties.
  • Package a software application, build docker images, and publish on the registry with Dockerfiles.
  • Deploy a micro-services stack with Docker Compose in Dev and Staging
  • Orchestrate Docker deployments at scale in production with Docker Swarm
  • Architect fault-tolerant, high availability systems, and achieve zero downtime deployments.
Course Length 4 hours 37 minutes
ISBN 9781789347906
Date Of Publication 16 May 2018


Gourav Shah

Gourav Shah is a DevOps expert and corporate trainer. He's a passionate techie who delved into the world of open source and GNU/Linux while in engineering school, long before he turned his passion into a profession. He has more than 7 years' experience designing, deploying, and managing complex, high-performance, scalable, secure, and redundant clusters. He is an expert DevOps professional with proficiency in cloud computing, DevOps tools, configuration management/automation with Puppet/Chef, continuous integration/continuous delivery, centralized logging, monitoring, computer networks, and so on. Gourav worked at Efficient Frontier (later acquired by Adobe Systems) as part of the Ops team responsible for managing hundreds of servers and providing uptime 24x7x365. He formed and headed the Ops team in India. He quit his MNC job in 2012 and went on to establish Initcron, a DevOps consulting firm. Under the Initcron banner, Gourav provides DevOps consulting to various organizations, helping them build, automate, and maintain scalable systems on public/private clouds. Gourav also conducts corporate training on DevOps topics.