Mastering AWS Security [Video]

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  • Secure customer data using encryption in transit and at rest
  • Ensure only authorized users can access resources with Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • In-depth review of IAM rules and application to AWS Services
  • Protect your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with VPC security groups
  • Enforce data protection with AWS Key Management Service
  • Practical examples with S3, EC2, RDS, and DynamoDB

With the increasing global interest in leveraging cloud infrastructures, security has become important. AWS Security solutions are designed to keep your Amazon Web Services environments safe and compliant.

This course shows you how to enable continuous security, auditing, and compliance. You will automate security in AWS with the tools, services, and features it supplies. Moving on, you'll see how to control AWS for all resources. You will secure your network, servers, data, and applications on the AWS cloud using native AWS security services.

By the end of this course, you will be familiar with the complete AWS Security landscape and will be able to perform all aspects of end-to-end software and hardware security.

Style and Approach

Get hands-on experience with AWS security features and secure your AWS Services, customer data, and infrastructure. Discover features of AWS products and services that protect customer data at rest, in transit, and at the network level. This course covers the most current security features and best practices as recommended by AWS

  • This course features hands-on tutorials that can be applied to your products and services today
  • This course will prepare you to become an expert in AWS security through a hands-on, building-block approach
  • We will begin with the most basic security feature, Identity and Access Management, and conclude with the most important, Key Management Services
Course Length 2 hours 41 minutes
ISBN 9781789539202
Date Of Publication 30 May 2019


Nicki Sonpar

Nicki Sonpar is a creative, technology-driven professional who has spent over 20 years delivering products. He has extensive experience helping companies build development teams (both domestic and offshore), expand their product offerings, and develop product roadmaps. He has been in the cloud security arena for over 5 years and has been implementing and training his team to secure Apps on AWS.