Mastering AWS Administration [Video]

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  • Host a static website using S3, Route53, and CloudFront
  • Build a WordPress website using EC2, RDS, and the Elastic Beanstalk
  • Deploy Node.js, Python, and .NET apps on the Elastic Beanstalk
  • Provision desktops in the AWS cloud using Amazon Workspaces
  • Setup a CI/CD pipeline using CodePipeline and EC2
  • Migrate a GIT repo to AWS using CodeCommit
  • Deploy a Jenkins server on EC2 and Amazon EBS
  • Set up an email pipeline using SES and Route53
  • Replace tape backups with cloud storage

Do you need to set up an AWS infrastructure quickly but don’t have the time and energy to sift through tons of boring documentation? AWS is a powerful platform that can handle any load you can throw at it. But, with great power comes great responsibility. The last thing you want is to fully deploy an application only to find out you did it wrong.

This course will teach you to effectively deploy AWS resources like a true pro in a matter of minutes. You will learn the concepts behind architecting systems in the cloud and how to engineer your environment to withstand failures. Take a deep breath and follow these easy deployment scenarios featuring real-world examples of everything from websites to Machine Learning and beyond.

This course will catapult you from a young grasshopper, wet-behind-the-ears, into a true AWS Jedi master in just a few hours. Why wait? Take this course and learn how to wield the power of AWS today!.

Style and Approach

This course offers a quick and easy way to become familiar with the Amazon Web Services cloud, using real-world examples to teach you how to quickly deploy applications. This course is filled with clear, concise illustrations to help reinforce each and every topic discussed. This course favors a hands-on approach to get you familiarized with the AWS platform and the methodologies cloud engineers actually use. The course also contains helpful troubleshooting techniques you can use to get you out of many common problem scenarios.

  • This course uses real-world examples to teach you everything you need to know about deploying a cloud infrastructure on AWS
  • Covers EC2, S3, CloudFront, Elastic Beanstalk, lambdas, CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, Machine Learning, and more!
  • Loaded with tips, tricks, and best-practice techniques to get you on your way to becoming a great AWS administrator
Course Length 2 hours 39 minutes
ISBN 9781788395670
Date Of Publication 29 Mar 2019


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