Linux Server Security [Video]

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  • Discover the common tools used by Hackers today
  • Securing your Linux Server with firewalls and SSL encryptions
  • Enhance user logins with SSH Keys
  • Harden your Linux Server with DDoS Protection, Public Keys, and more
  • Protect your Linux Server by securing memory, using security banners, and P.W. management
  • Discourage hackers by setting up services such as IP Spoofing Prevention, SSL Security, and more

Linux is the first choice for any attacker now and more administrators have started moving to the system to create networks or servers for any task. This course will help you create a more secure Linux system.

You will start by discovering techniques that professional hackers use in order to scan a website and a server, in order to carry out their intrusion attacks. Next, you will learn to create secure accounts where we'll look into deleting and creating user accounts password and monitoring servers. Further you will learn to maintain your Linux Server in order to get optimized performance and stability. Moving ahead, you will focus on tools that can be used to enhance server security, understand the art of hardening passwords, and fix authentication failures.

By the end of the course, you will be confident enough to take control of your Linux servers and use hands-on techniques to protect your server from internet attacks.

Style and Approach

The aim of this course is to bring you up to speed on Linux Server Security Essentials. This course is a step by step guide that will help you to take control of your Linux servers and teach you hands-on techniques which will protect your server from internet attacks—from techniques that hackers use today in order to exploit your server, to hardening your server with some of the most advanced protocols out there.

  • Discover some of the tools hackers use to attack your server, such as NMAP, Reverse IP, and DDoS Attacks
  • Learn how to prevent server exploits such as DDoS Protection, hardening login security protocols, and more
  • Become a better Linux Admin by sharpening your Linux Security skills
Course Length 1 hours 46 minutes
ISBN 9781789131888
Date Of Publication 22 May 2018


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