Linux 5 Performance Monitoring and Tuning [Video]

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  • Tracing, profiling, and instrumentation techniques across a wide range of conditions
  • Use CPU management tools to run queue and disk operations
  • Manage the performance of your Linux server by making use of process management and statistics report tools
  • Monitor server improvement by making use of advanced tools such as nagios, Munin, and nmon
  • Improve your Linux server with TLP power management, and control iotop for real-time disk read/writes
  • Make use of the find command utility and search one or more Linux tree files, user permissions, and their groups
  • Implement process management control with nice and isof and confirm disk usage with df and du
  • Intelligently consume the dataflow your servers are constantly generating

If you're responsible for administrating complex machines, you'll really need insights into how they work and some clues about what they might do next! Since the overwhelming majority of server workloads in use today are running on Linux, it is important to know how to read all the performance data they produce.

In this course, you'll learn best practices for configuring and managing system resources such as CPU, memory, storage, and network connectivity on behalf of your running applications. You'll get your hands on tried-and-tested optimization performance-tuning tools and techniques such as disk input and output operations on Linux and checking statistics using vmstat. You'll also use monitoring tools such as Munin, nmon, and nagios then master power management tools for better performance on your Linux server. You'll find the necessary owner permissions and implement process management. Finally, you'll learn how to intelligently consume the dataflow that your servers are constantly generating.

By the end of the course, you will be able to give your server a good makeover and optimize process and application performance on Linux systems in a way that will help you improve and make your infrastructure foolproof.

  • Perform CPU running queue, load average, and perform glance monitoring to check memory with swap management
  • Master the industry's best server monitoring tools such as nagios, Munin, and nmon for server performance
  • Implement regular Linux administrator tasks to improve power management and find/resolve server issues with process management tools
Course Length 1 hour 6 minutes
ISBN 9781838559250
Date Of Publication 9 Aug 2019


Paul Olushile

Paul Olushile graduated with a diploma degree in computer science and is currently working as a Cyber Security Expert. He loves teaching and has been freelancing for more than four years to share his expertise as a Unix/Linux Administrator with his students. He has a diverse set of certifications, interests, and experiences, including server administration.