Learning vSphere 6 [Video]

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  • Understand the basics of VMware ESXi Hypervisor
  • Get to grips with vCenter and Platform Services Controller
  • Building and Managing Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Networking with vSwitches and VMKernel interfaces
  • Scalable storage access with NFS and iSCSI
  • Protecting your virtual machines with High Availability and Fault Tolerance

Virtualization has touched every area of IT infrastructure and operations. Anyone who will work with servers, storage, networking and security must be fluent in the key virtualization platform. With VMware’s revolutionary Software Defined Data Center technology, the all new vSphere 6 is at the heart of building and delivering full-fledged IT services and infrastructure.

This video course will help you to quickly put the core features of vSphere to work. We will start by looking at the essential concepts of virtualization like ESXi and DCUI interfaces. We move on to see how vSphere works with Virtual Machines. We will learn about networking and varied storage configuration options. Important new features in vSphere 6 such as increased scalability, Network IO control, and fault tolerance would be addressed through practical examples. Finally you will learn how backup and replication features in vSphere help in data protection.

By finishing this course, readers would have acquired key skills to get started working with vSphere 6.0 and build a powerful and robust VMware based modern data center and infrastructure.

  • Learn how to put vSphere to work in the context of modern software defined enterprises through real-world examples
  • Deliver improved business outcomes by knowing how to install, configure, and manage vSphere and how to optimize and scale that within your datacenter
  • Gain the skills needed to manage and maintain highly available and scalable vSphere environment
Course Length 8 hours 10 minute
ISBN 9781786466495
Date Of Publication 20 Oct 2016


Glen Martin

Glen Martin has over 20 years' experience in enterprise IT operations and architecture and technical training, and over 10 years' vSphere experience in environments of all sizes.