Learning Microsoft Azure [Video]

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  • Implement Azure Infrastructure components (storage, networking, virtual Machines)
  • Understand the basics of automated deployments from Azure Resource Manager Templates
  • Explore the various Azure Platform services (web Apps, machine learning, and databases) and learn how to deploy them
  • Understand Azure Monitoring solutions
  • Discover Azure Disaster Recovery solutions
  • Study the Azure SQL Server database
  • Get acquainted with the use of Azure PaaS, machine learning, and database solutions
  • Analyse Azure insights and get well versed with disaster recovery

Azure is a computing and services platform hosted in data centers that is managed or supported by Microsoft. It includes many features with corresponding services that can be used individually or together.

With insights into choosing, planning, deploying, and maintaining Microsoft Azure Services, explained through practical examples, this video course will transform you from a complete beginner to an intermediate level Azure professional ready to take on everyday challenges faced on the cloud.

This comprehensive tutorial will get you well versed with the fundamental services of Azure and how you can leverage these services for your organization. You will start with a brief introduction to cloud computing with Azure and then dive into the fundamental steps such as exploring the Azure portal and managing the Azure platform.

You will learn to implement the Azure Virtual Machine, and work with Resource Manager. After that, you will explore the Azure SQL Server Database, followed by seeing how to deploy, configure, and manage Azure Web Apps that connect you to the cloud. You will learn to use Azure PaaS, Machine Learning, and Database Solutions, as well as monitoring and diagnosing Azure insights before finally diving into disaster recovery.

Style and Approach

In-depth content balanced with demos and real world examples that put theory into practice. The focus of this course is to give you both the understanding and the practical knowledge that will allow you to take a nose dive into cloud with Microsoft Azure Services, followed by the confidence to deploy these services on a daily, scalable basis.

  • This step-by-step, practical demo is based on various Microsoft Azure fundamentals
  • Explore Azure solutions to daily challenges faced in the cloud
  • Secure the confidential data and applications by leveraging Azure Active Directory
Course Length 5 hours 52 minutes
ISBN 9781787122208
Date Of Publication 30 Mar 2017


Peter De Tender

Peter De Tender is the CEO and Lead Technical Trainer at PDTIT and 007FFF Learning.com, a Microsoft Cloud Platform Architect, an extremely passionate trainer and speaker, Azure MVP (2013-2018), Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), and a technical writer. After starting his career in 1996, Peter has never looked back from Microsoft infrastructure technologies. At present, he’s an expert on Azure and Azure Stack, coaching global Microsoft Partners, larger Microsoft customers, and Microsoft FTE teams all over the World so they can achieve more with Azure. While this got him a position as FTE for Microsoft Corp in the global Microsoft AzureCAT GSI (Azure Engineering) team early in 2016, his passion for speaking and presenting made him decide to return to his own company after about a year, coming back with an even stronger focus on providing readiness workshops and architect consulting on the Azure platform.
When Peter is not speaking or presenting, he authors Azure-related white papers and courses for Microsoft as well as several other training companies in the IT industry or updates his own custom Azure advanced training material.
He recently published Learning Operations Management Suite with Apress ( http://www.apress.com), co-authored the Microsoft Official Curriculum for the 70-535 Architecting Azure Solutions, and is currently writing Azure Governance and Security for Apress, as well as authoring a series of advanced Azure training videos for Packt Publishing ( http://packtpub.com).
Get in contact with Peter through social media, preferably Twitter @pdtit or @007FFFLearning