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Learning Linux Device Drivers Development [Video]

More Information
  • Develop drivers for widely used I2C and SPI devices and use the regmap API
  • Use kernel facilities to develop powerful drivers
  • Create and use graphics drivers
  • Setup and use your Ubuntu machine
  • Push or snap your drivers to make them live
  • Discover and use advanced IRQ within your driver development
  • Set up your network and connection drivers
  • Develop a graphics driver with the power of C programming language
  • Prepare and set up Ubuntu for driver developments and installation testing

Linux is an operating system that consists of a monolithic kernel. This course will get you comfortable with setting up and building any device driver from scratch.

This course covers driver installation and shows you how to configure server management and resolve issues with synchronization, concurrency, power management and more. You’ll see how to create and manage your own driver within Linux and have a better experience using the Linux terminal.
You’ll set up and configure your Ubuntu machine to develop drivers catered to audio and TPM drivers for Ubuntu. You'll also learn to push your live drivers to import them into the core components of the OS.

Finally, you’ll learn to manage memory on your system in the most efficient way by focusing on many different techniques.

Style and Approach

This course provides you with a step-by-step setup of your new Linux server. Here, we will go ahead by graphics driver and kernel drivers components. With this, you'll configure the server and the issues to do with synchronization and power management.

  • Build kernel drivers to allow communications on your hardware and configure it for module coding
  • Understand how the kernel is designed to support and communicate device drivers with systems hardware altogether
  • Organize the kernel community with the release schedule and processes, the release candidates, stable releases, and long-term support (LTS)
Course Length 1 hours 36 minutes
Date Of Publication 31 Jan 2019


Paul Olushile

Paul Olushile graduated with a diploma degree in computer science and is currently working as a Cyber Security Expert. He loves teaching and hence he has been freelancing for over 4 years now to share his expertise as a Unix/Linux Administrator with his students. He has a diverse set of interests, and experiences, including server administration.