Learning Ceph

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  • Understand the limitations of existing systems and the need to use Ceph as a storage solution
  • Get to grips with Ceph's architecture and discover the different components of Ceph
  • Perform instant deployment and testing of Ceph within a VirtualBox environment
  • Familiarize yourself with Ceph operations such as maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting
  • Implement storage provisioning in the form of Ceph's block, object, and filesystem
  • Integrate Ceph with OpenStack Cinder and Glance components
  • Discover advance topics in Ceph, including erasure coding, CRUSH map, and performance tuning, and learn best practices for your Ceph cluster

Ceph is an open source, software-defined storage solution, which runs on commodity hardware to provide exabyte-level scalability. It is well known to be a highly reliable storage system that has no single point of failure.

This book will give you all the skills you need to plan, deploy, and effectively manage your Ceph cluster, guiding you through an overview of Ceph's technology, architecture, and components. With a step-by-step, tutorial-style explanation of the deployment of each Ceph component, the book will take you through Ceph storage provisioning and integration with OpenStack.

You will then discover how to deploy and set up your Ceph cluster, discovering the various components and why we need them. This book takes you from a basic level of knowledge in Ceph to an expert understanding of its most advanced features.

  • Learn how to unleash the power of Ceph and solve all your storage issues
  • A comprehensive guide to developing and integrating Ceph with practical tutorials
  • Get started with the essential information needed to implement a Ceph cluster
Page Count 268
Course Length 8 hours 2 minutes
ISBN 9781783985623
Date Of Publication 30 Jan 2015


Karan Singh

Karan is an IT expert and passionate tech enthusiast living with his beautiful wife Monika in Finland. He holds Honours degree in Bachelor of Computer Science and a Master degree in System Engineering from BITS, Pilani. Apart from this, he is a certified professional for technologies like OpenStack, NetApp and Oracle Solaris.

Karan is currently working as a System Specialist of Storage and Cloud Platform for CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd. focusing all his energies on providing IaaS cloud solutions based on OpenStack and Ceph and building economic multi-petabyte storage system using Ceph. Karan possesses a rich skill set and working experience of a variety of cloud technologies. He devotes a part of his time to R&D and learning technologies. He is also the author of the very first book on Ceph titled Learning Ceph, published in 2014.

Karan possesses extensive system administration skills and has excellent working experience on a variety of Unix environments, backup, enterprise storage systems, and cloud platforms. When not working on Ceph and OpenStack, Karan can be found working with Configuration management, containers and devops related tools.

He loves writing about technologies and is an avid blogger. You can reach him on Twitter.