Kubernetes for Developers

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  • Build your software into containers.
  • Deploy and debug software running in containers within Kubernetes.
  • Declare and add configuration through Kubernetes.
  • Define how your application fits together, using internal and external services.
  • Add feedback to your code to help Kubernetes manage your services
  • Monitor and measure your services through integration testing and in production deployments.

Kubernetes is documented and typically approached from the perspective of someone running software that has already been built. Kubernetes may also be used to enhance the development process, enabling more consistent testing and analysis of code to help developers verify not only its correctness, but also its efficiency. This book introduces key Kubernetes concepts, coupled with examples of how to deploy and use them with a bit of Node.js and Python example code, so that you can quickly replicate and use that knowledge.

You will begin by setting up Kubernetes to help you develop and package your code. We walk you through the setup and installation process before working with Kubernetes in the development environment. We then delve into concepts such as automating your build process, autonomic computing, debugging, and integration testing. This book covers all the concepts required for a developer to work with Kubernetes.

By the end of this book, you will be in a position to use Kubernetes in development ecosystems.

  • Develop and run your software using containers within a Kubernetes environment
  • Get hands-on experience of using Kubernetes with DevOps concepts such as continuous integration, benchmark testing, monitoring, and so on
  • Pragmatic example-based approach showing how to use Kubernetes in the development process
Page Count 374
Course Length 11 hours 13 minutes
ISBN 9781788834759
Date Of Publication 5 Apr 2018


Joseph Heck

Joseph Heck has broad development and management experience across start-ups and large companies. He has architected, developed, and deployed a wide variety of solutions, ranging from mobile and desktop applications to cloud-based distributed systems.

He builds and directs teams and mentors individuals to improve the way they build, validate, deploy, and run software. He also works extensively with and in open source, collaborating across many projects, including Kubernetes.