Kubernetes on AWS

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  • Learn how to provision a production-ready Kubernetes cluster on AWS
  • Deploy your own applications to Kubernetes with Helm
  • Discover strategies for troubleshooting your cluster and know where to find help with issues
  • Explore the best ways to monitor your cluster and the applications running on it
  • Supercharge your cluster by integrating it with the tools provided by the AWS platform
  • Architect your cluster for high availability

Docker containers promise to radicalize the way developers and operations build, deploy, and manage applications running on the cloud. Kubernetes provides the orchestration tools you need to realize that promise in production.

Kubernetes on AWS guides you in deploying a production-ready Kubernetes cluster on the AWS platform. You will then discover how to utilize the power of Kubernetes, which is one of the fastest growing platforms for production-based container orchestration, to manage and update your applications. Kubernetes is becoming the go-to choice for production-grade deployments of cloud-native applications. This book covers Kubernetes from first principles. You will start by learning about Kubernetes' powerful abstractions - Pods and Services - that make managing container deployments easy. This will be followed by a guided tour through setting up a production-ready Kubernetes cluster on AWS, while learning the techniques you need to successfully deploy and manage your own applications.

By the end of the book, you will have gained plenty of hands-on experience with Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services. You will also have picked up some tips on deploying and managing applications, keeping your cluster and applications secure, and ensuring that your whole system is reliable and resilient to failure.

  • Leverage the power of Kubernetes on AWS to deploy highly scalable applications
  • Provision Kubernetes clusters on Amazon EC2 environments
  • Implement best practices to improve efficiency and security of Kubernetes on the cloud
Page Count 270
Course Length 8 hours 6 minutes
ISBN 9781788390071
Date Of Publication 30 Nov 2018


Ed Robinson

Ed Robinson works as a senior site reliability engineer at Cookpad's global headquarters in Bristol, UK. He has been working with Kubernetes for the last three years, deploying clusters on AWS to deliver resilient and reliable services for global audiences. He is a contributor to several open source projects and is a maintainer of Træfɪk, the modern HTTP reverse proxy designed for containers and microservices.