Intelligent Automation with VMware

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  • Orchestrate on-demand deployments based on defined policies
  • Automate away common problems and make life easier by reducing errors
  • Deliver services to end users rather than to virtual machines
  • Reduce rework in a multi-layered scalable manner in any cloud
  • Explore the centralized life cycle management of hybrid clouds
  • Use common code so you can run it across any cloud

This book presents an introductory perspective on how machine learning plays an important role in a VMware environment. It offers a basic understanding of how to leverage machine learning primitives, along with a deeper look into integration with the VMware tools used for automation today.

This book begins by highlighting how VMware addresses business issues related to its workforce, customers, and partners with emerging technologies such as machine learning to create new, intelligence-driven, end user experiences.

You will learn how to apply machine learning techniques incorporated in VMware solutions for data center operations. You will go through management toolsets with a focus on machine learning techniques.

At the end of the book, you will learn how the new vSphere Scale-Out edition can be used to ensure that HPC, big data performance, and other requirements can be met (either through development or by fine-tuning guidelines) with mainstream products.

  • Add smart capabilities in VMware Workspace ONE to deliver customer insights and improve overall security
  • Optimize your HPC and big data infrastructure with the help of machine learning
  • Automate your VMware data center operations with machine learning
Page Count 344
Course Length 10 hours 19 minutes
ISBN 9781789802160
Date Of Publication 30 Mar 2019


Ajit Pratap Kundan

Ajit Pratap Kundan stands at the leading edge of the most innovative cloud technology in the world. He has helped position VMware as a leader in the private cloud area in relation to his federal government customers through an SDDC approach. An innovative techy with 18+ years of industry experience, he has promoted technologies to his government and defense customers.

Ajit is a valued writer on cloud technologies and has authored one book, VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture, published by Packt. He currently resides in Delhi, India, with his wife, Archana, and their two sons, Aaradhya and Akshansh.