Instant VMware vCloud Starter

A practical, hands-on guide to get started with VMware vCloud

Instant VMware vCloud Starter

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Daniel Langenhan

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A practical, hands-on guide to get started with VMware vCloud
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849689960
Paperback76 pages

Book Description

The cloud is the next step forward in IT technology and most Enterprises are already following suit. The cloud enables self-service via a web interface, reducing the management overhead and has amazing possibilities for production and development environments.

Knowing about the cloud will open up new possibilities for anyone interested in IT.

Everyone is talking about the cloud, so join in  the discussion by learning how to create your own demo environment. See how the cloud can be used to reduce VM deployment time and create isolated and fenced environments inside your cloud.

With "Instant VMware vCloud Starter" we look at the cloud in general, the vCloud Director installation and configuration, as well as template and networking configuration using step-by-step instructions and explanations taking you from theory to practical knowledge.

You will be able to create templates and reuse them to rapidly deploy a complete environment. The other main topic we will be exploring is vCloud Networking, enabling you to configure complex network solutions, from multi-tiered application networks to full isolated development environments.

You will learn everything you need to know about the vCloud to start exploring the vCloud by yourself. This book is a first step into a bigger world.

Table of Contents

What You Will Learn

  • Understand what the cloud is
  • Install vCloud Director and vCloud Director Appliance
  • Connect your existing vSphere infrastructure to vCloud Director
  • Create organizations and virtual datacenters
  • Create and use vApp templates
  • Use vApp networks to isolate environments
  • Use org networks to connect environments, and enable Firewall and NAT
  • Get information on how to find additional help and support
  • Hands on, real life, configuration of vCloud environments


Table of Contents

Book Details

ISBN 139781849689960
Paperback76 pages
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