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  • Build a virtual machine from scratch
  • Customize virtual machine settings
  • Manage guest operating systems using tips and tricks
  • Get hands-on experience with booting a virtual machine from a USB device
  • Install the Windows 8 operating system on a virtual machine
  • Add a printer to a virtual machine
  • Remove a virtual machine
  • Boot a virtual machine from a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD)

Virtual technology has been around for years, but only recently has it really taken off with the introduction of products such as VMware’s Player, Oracle’s Virtual box, and Microsoft’s Hyper-V. Each of these companies has begun to leverage virtualization in a reliable, secure, and scalable fashion to help businesses reduce their production costs.

Instant VMware Player for Virtualization will give you practical experience with virtualization. VMware Player is a free product that can be used to evaluate and test software platforms in almost any operating system environment.

The power of virtualization is robust if done well; it can save you a lot of time and financial resources. This book provides you with a quick and easy process for creating a virtual machine and setting it up to function properly in your home or business location.

The topics covered in this book will include practical guides to installing the Windows 8 operating system on a virtual system. The information provided is also formatted in an easily-digestible recipe format. If you want to take advantage of the free VMware Player application, then this is the book for you.

You will learn everything you need to know to create virtual machines as well as how to configure them in your VMware Player console to kick start your knowledge of virtualization concepts.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Discover the latest features of VMware Player 5.0
  • Evaluate new technology without paying for additional hardware costs
  • Test your applications in an isolated environment
Page Count 84
Course Length 2 hours 31 minutes
ISBN 9781849689854
Date Of Publication 24 Sep 2013


Kevin L. Sapp

Kevin L. Sapp has worked in the IT industry for over 5 years. After graduating from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems, he started working for a Fortune 100 company as a systems engineer. This helped him gain technical experience in supporting and managing over 15,000 systems in retail and corporate environments. He is the author of the book Instant VMWare Player for Virtualization, Packt Publishing, and the CEO of the company CodeDuet, LLC, which develops mobile applications.