Infrastructure as a Service Solutions with Azure [Video]

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  • Manage resources and access your services with the help of Azure Portal
  • Govern your resources for effective cost management, security, and logging
  • Manage traffic going to your resources with Network Resource Groups
  • Start, stop, and deploy your virtual machines in Azure
  • Download, install, and use custom virtual machines as your business requires
  • Work with different storage options and policies for your Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure’s Infrastructure as a Service provides users with the flexibility and freedom required for scaling and automating their virtual machines on demand for powerful cloud management. This video tutorial takes you through the core of Infrastructure as a Service with Microsoft Azure, and equips you with the practical know how to manage various Azure Services for effective business over the cloud.

You’ll dive into Subscription and Resource Management in Azure, and learn to work with various resource groups and policies through the Azure Portal. You’ll explore Azure Storage services, and employ various storage options for your Virtual Machines that work best for your business.

You’ll also explore Azure Networking, set up your Virtual Networks, control network traffic with the help of Azure Traffic Manager and Security Groups, and host your domain name server with Azure DNS. Finally, you’ll learn to leverage Azure Compute, work with Azure Virtual Machines, and download specialized Virtual Machines from the Azure Marketplace as per your business requirements.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be ready to leverage different services core to Azure IaaS, enabling your business to thrive over the cloud.

Style and Approach

A mastering-level course that dives deep into the core and new functionalities of Azure.

  • Crisp and clear content that puts theory into practice and dives into the core of IaaS with Azure
  • Leverage the various Azure services that enable powerful resource management for your business over the cloud
  • Explore Azure Infrastructure as a Service through the eyes of an IT pro
Course Length 8 hours 14 minutes
ISBN 9781787123274
Date Of Publication 30 Nov 2017


Brian Christopher Harrison

Brian Christopher Harrison has been involved with Microsoft Azure since 2012, and is currently a Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft. He has been involved in Microsoft training, and has actively blogged and spoken about Azure on Microsoft's site and also has his own screencasts.