Infrastructure as Code (IAC) Cookbook

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  • Provision local and remote development environments with Vagrant
  • Automate production infrastructures with Terraform, Ansible and Cloud-init on AWS, OpenStack, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, and more
  • Manage and test automated systems using Chef and Puppet
  • Build, ship, and debug optimized Docker containers
  • Explore the best practices to automate and test everything from cloud infrastructures to operating system configuration

Infrastructure as Code (IAC) is a key aspect of the DevOps movement, and this book will show you how to transform the way you work with your infrastructure—by treating it as software.

This book is dedicated to helping you discover the essentials of infrastructure automation and its related practices; the over 90 organized practical solutions will demonstrate how to work with some of the very best tools and cloud solutions.

You will learn how to deploy repeatable infrastructures and services on AWS, OpenStack, Google Cloud, and Digital Ocean. You will see both Ansible and Terraform in action, manipulate the best bits from cloud-init to easily bootstrap instances, and simulate consistent environments locally or remotely using Vagrant. You will discover how to automate and test a range of system tasks using Chef or Puppet. You will also build, test, and debug various Docker containers having developers’ interests in mind.

This book will help you to use the right tools, techniques, and approaches to deliver working solutions for today’s modern infrastructure challenges.

  • Bring down your delivery timeline from days to hours by treating your server configurations and VMs as code, just like you would with software code.
  • Take your existing knowledge and skill set with your existing tools (Puppet, Chef, or Docker) to the next level and solve IT infrastructure challenges.
  • Use practical recipes to use code to provision and deploy servers and applications and have greater control of your infrastructure.
Page Count 440
Course Length 13 hours 12 minutes
ISBN 9781786464910
Date Of Publication 17 Feb 2017


Stephane Jourdan

Stephane Jourdan is a passionate infrastructure engineer, enthusiastic entrepreneur, zealous trainer, and continuous learner, working on innovative infrastructures since the early 2000s. He focuses equally on tools and culture, in environments as different as startups, online audio/video media, e-commerce, and semi-conductors. The common point between all these experiences is that success comes with rigor, technical repeatability, communication, and a shared team culture. He co-founded an infrastructure automation consultancy (, a web radio (, a container/serverless platform for developers (, and a sound design studio (

When Stephane isn't starting or contributing to new open source projects, he's usually found hiking in remote places with his camera.

Pierre Pomes

Pierre Pomès is a senior enthusiastic engineer of open source technologies and a Linux adept since 1994. He has been working in the IT industry for the last twenty years mostly in C development, system administration, and security including PCI-DSS. He is currently an architect and a DevOps team leader for Reservit, an online hotel booking engine. He has also contributed to the pfSense project.