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  • Understand data warehousing principles and how Redshift is challenging the traditional way of thinking
  • See how Redshift integrates with the AWS Cloud ecosystem
  • Learn how Redshift leverages the latest technology to provide up to 10x the performance of competing technologies
  • Create a cloud-native, fully managed data warehouse and use it to join together disparate data sets
  • Connect your new data warehouse with disjointed data stored on Amazon S3 with Redshift Spectrum
  • Visualize your newly connected data sets with Amazon QuickSight
  • Dive headfirst into building a Redshift data warehouse using a diversified data set
  • Connect to and optimize your data warehouse and join data sets together
  • Connect data in your data warehouse with data on Amazon S3 with Redshift Spectrum

Amazon Redshift is a low-cost cloud data platform that can scale from gigabytes to petabytes on a high-performance, column-oriented SQL engine. Amazon Redshift brings the power of scale-out architecture to the world of traditional data warehousing.

In this course, you will explore this low-cost, cloud-based storage, which can be scaled up or down to meet your true size and performance needs. You will learn to configure a sample data warehouse. Next, you will explore Redshift's internal workings and architecture, and learn what makes it so fast. You will get hands-on experience connecting, querying, and building BI and data viz products and learn how to secure, maintain, and administer your new platform.

By the end of this course, you will be able to scale from gigabytes to petabytes on this high-performance, column-oriented SQL engine.

All the code files related to this course are available on Github at -

  • Kick traditional data warehouse technologies into touch with a combination of cloud hosting and cutting-edge optimization algorithms
  • Go from data warehouse fundamentals to a fully functioning peta-scale data warehouse in just 3 hours, and learn everything you need to build your own cloud data warehouse
  • Learn the do's and don'ts of data warehousing with this simple hands-on guide to building data warehouses on AWS
Course Length 2 hours 14 minutes
ISBN 9781838558888
Date Of Publication 31 Jan 2019


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