DevOps: Continuous Delivery, Integration, and Deployment with DevOps

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  • Get familiar with life cycle models, maturity states, progression and best practices of DevOps frameworks
  • Learn to set up Jenkins and integrate it with Git
  • Know how to build jobs and perform testing with Jenkins
  • Implement infrastructure automation (Infrastructure as Code) with tools such as Chef and Ansible
  • Understand continuous monitoring process with tools such as Splunk and Nagios
  • Learn how Splunk improves the code quality

DevOps is the most widely used software engineering culture and practice that aim sat software development and operation. Continuous integration is a cornerstone technique of DevOps that merges software code updates from developers into a shared central mainline.

This book takes a practical approach and covers the tools and strategies of DevOps. It starts with familiarizing you with DevOps framework and then shows how toper form continuous delivery, integration, and deployment with DevOps. You will explore DevOps process maturity frameworks and progression models with checklist templates for each phase of DevOps. You will also be familiar with agile terminology, methodology, and the benefits accrued by an organization by adopting it. You will also get acquainted with popular tools such as Git, Jenkins ,Maven, Gerrit, Nexus, Selenium, and so on.You will learn configuration, automation, and the implementation of infrastructure automation (Infrastructure as Code) with tools such as Chef and Ansible.

This book is ideal for engineers, architects, and developers, who wish to learn the core strategies of DevOps.

  • Get acquainted with methodologies and tools of the DevOps framework
  • Perform continuous integration, delivery, deployment, and monitoring using DevOps tools
  • Explore popular tools such as Git, Jenkins, Maven, Gerrit, Nexus, Selenium, and so on
  • Embedded with assessments that will help you revise the concepts you have learned in this book
Page Count 134
Course Length 4 hours 1 minutes
ISBN 9781789132991
Date Of Publication 13 Mar 2018


Sricharan Vadapalli

Sricharan Vadapalli is an IT leader with over 2 decades of experience in leading IT strategy and developing Next Generation IT solutions. Passionate with technology, build practices around DevOps, Big Data, Cloud, SAP HANA and EIM (Enterprise Information Management) associated with tech startups, instrumental in devising Go-Market strategy, strong proponent of open source tools adoption, microservices, and containers. He has played leadership roles with MNC's such as TCS, Infosys, CSC, Virtusa Polaris. He has handled fortune client engagements across multiple domains such as BSFI, retail, telecom, and manufacturing.