Deploying and Running Docker Containers [Video]

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  • Preparing multiple Docker environments
  • Automate your Docker workflow with Jenkins
  • Setting up a cluster of Docker hosts using Docker's Swarm mode
  • Automate the deployment of Docker hosts using Chef
  • Monitor, log and manage Docker containers
  • Master the components required to run Docker in production

Docker is a portable container format that allows you to run code anywhere from your desktop to the cloud. Docker's workflow makes development, testing, and deployment much easier and much faster. This video course will walk you through a basic deployment-pipeline setup in Jenkins. You will then learn how to create two minimal Docker environments: one for development and one for production. You will then set up Jenkins inside a Docker container to support and automate your deployment pipeline. Next, you will learn how to provide reliability and scalability to your application by setting up a cluster of Docker hosts using Docker's Swarm mode, and then automate the deployment of Docker hosts using Chef. Finally, you will monitor, log, and manage your Docker containers. Towards the end of this video course, you will work with the various components required to run Docker in production.

Style and Approach

We start with a high-level description of continuous delivery and a reference implementation viewers of this video can use.

This volume how to do things manually to give viewers an intuition. The manual steps are paired with a reference implementation on how to automate things to be able to truly scale their production Docker environment.

  • Deploy and run Docker containers efficiently by setting up Jenkins consistently and measure your performance optimizations
  • Use existing open source software to make your Docker environment suitable for production
  • Manage your Docker containers and learn how they provide services such as clustering, monitoring, and logging to give you a Docker-based production environment
Course Length 1 hour 45 minutes
ISBN 9781788625777
Date Of Publication 10 Jan 2018


Allan Espinosa

Allan Espinosa is a DevOps practitioner and an active open source contributor to various distributed system tools, such as Docker and Chef. Allan maintains several Docker images for popular open source software that were popular even before their official release from the upstream open source groups.

Throughout his career, Allan has worked on large distributed systems containing hundreds to thousands of servers in production. He has built scalable applications on various platforms, ranging from large supercomputing centers to production clusters in the enterprise. He is currently managing distributed systems at scale for Bloomberg, where he oversees the company's Hadoop infrastructure. Allan can be contacted through his Twitter handle, @AllanEspinosa.