Data Center Virtualization Certification: VCP6.5-DCV Exam Guide

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  • Deploy and configure vSphere infrastructure
  • Create and administer vSphere virtual machines
  • Optimize, secure, and troubleshoot all vSphere components
  • Implement vSphere HA on a vSAN cluster
  • Understand how to back up and restore your vSphere 6.5 infrastructure
  • Test your understanding of key concepts required through sample questions

This exam guide enables you to install, configure, and manage the vSphere 6.5 infrastructure in all its components: vCenter Server, ESXi hosts, and virtual machines, while helping you to prepare for the industry standard certification.

This data center book will assist you in automating administration tasks and enhancing your environment’s capabilities. You will begin with an introduction to all aspects related to security, networking, and storage in vSphere 6.5. Next, you will learn about resource management and understand how to back up and restore the vSphere 6.5 infrastructure. As you advance, you will also cover troubleshooting, deployment, availability, and virtual machine management. This is followed by two mock tests that will test your knowledge and challenge your understanding of all the topics included in the exam.

By the end of this book, you will not only have learned about virtualization and its techniques, but you’ll also be prepared to pass the VCP6.5-DCV (2V0-622) exam.

  • Implement advanced network virtualization techniques
  • Configure and administer vSphere high availability
  • Enhance your data center virtualization skills with practice questions and mock tests
Page Count 598
Course Length 17 hours 56 minutes
ISBN 9781789340471
Date Of Publication 26 Aug 2018
Objective 1.1 – Configure and administer role-based access control
Objective 1.2 – Secure ESXi and vCenter Server 2
Objective 1.3 – Configure and Enable SSO and Identity Sources
Objective 1.4 – Secure vSphere Virtual Machines
What is missing
Review questions
Objective 2.1 – Configure policies/features and verify vSphere networking
Objective 2.2 – Configuring Network I/O control (NIOC)
What is missing
Review questions
Objective 3.1 – Managing vSphere integration with physical storage
Objective 3.2 – Configure software-defined storage
Objective 3.3 – Configure vSphere Storage multipathing and failover
Objective 3.4 – Perform VMFS and NFS configurations and upgrades
Objective 3.5 – Set up and configure Storage I/O Control
What is missing
Review questions
Objective 4.1 – Perform ESXi Host and Virtual Machine Upgrades
Objective 4.2 – Perform vCenter Server Upgrades (Windows)
Objective 4.3 – Perform vCenter Server migration to VCSA
Review questions
Objective 5.1 – Configure multilevel Resource Pools
Objective 5.2 – Configure vSphere DRS and Storage DRS clusters
Review questions
Objective 6.1 – Configure and Administer vCenter Appliance Backup/Restore
Objective 6.2 – Configure and administer vCenter Data Protection
Objective 6.3 – Configure vSphere Replication
Review questions
Objective 7.1 – Troubleshoot vCenter Server and ESXi hosts
Objective 7.2 – Troubleshoot vSphere storage and networking
Objective 7.3 – Troubleshooting vSphere Upgrades and Migrations
Objective 7.4 – Troubleshooting virtual machines
Objective 7.5 – Troubleshoot HA and DRS configurations and Fault Tolerance
What is missing
Review questions
Objective 8.1 – Configure Auto Deploy for ESXi hosts
Objective 8.2 – Create and Deploy Host Profiles
Review questions
Objective 9.1 – Configure vSphere HA cluster features
Objective 9.2 – Configure vCSA HA
Review questions


Andrea Mauro

Andrea Mauro has more than 20 years of experience in IT, both in industry and the academic world. He works as a solutions architect and is responsible for infrastructure implementation, architecture design, upgrades, and migration processes. He is a virtualization and storage architect, specializing in VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, and Linux solutions. His first virtualized solution in production was built around ESX 2.x, several years ago. His professional certifications include not only several VMware certifications, but also other vendor-related certifications. He is also a VMware vExpert (2010-18), Nutanix NTC (2014-19), and Veeam Vanguard (2016-19), and he was a Microsoft MVP (2014-16).

Paolo Valsecchi

Paolo Valsecchi has worked in the IT industry for more than 20 years, and he currently works as a system engineer mainly focused on VMware vSphere, Microsoft technologies, and backup/DR solutions. His current role involves covering all tasks related to ensuring IT infrastructure availability and data integrity (including implementation, upgrades, and administration).

He holds the VMware VCP65-DCV and Veeam VMCE professional certifications, and he has been awarded the VMware vExpert title (2015-18) and the Veeam Vanguard title (2016-19).